Cell-Shocked: I Crash-Landed into a Maximum Security Prison

Cell-Shocked: I Crash-Landed into a Maximum Security Prison
Barbara Price Castellone studied psychology, sociology, and criminal justice in college and was a mental health worker in a rehabilitation hospital. She wrote this inspirational story to share her experiences in serving state prison for 5 years.

Barbara has signed up for the Best Selling Author program at Amazon and has shared her book with several University of Texas classes that were studying criminal justice, since her story is a great example of why the criminal justice system needs to be improved.  She has also shared her book and story with AA and Al-Anon programs so that she can go into counseling and help alcoholics and drug dependent teenagers straighten out their lives like she has been able to, As we see from her story about her prison experience. That was the “silver lining” from that prison stay, She was able to go home and stay drug and alcohol free.  She feels that if she had not undergone that scary prison experience and gotten away from drug dependence, that she would be dead now.

Barbara never thought twice about the horrible conditions that exist in this country’s prison until she got sent there. Lucky to get out she has written a gripping account of this terrifying experience.

Barbara says that although she went through hard times and suffering in the Texas prison (TX Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has a dark history, One time the Texas prisons were called the worst in the world and one time they were feeding the prisoners dog food.) When she was there they were denying medical care and serving the cheapest food possible with no fresh fruits and vegetables. In spite of that hardship Barbara says there was a silver lining because she entered as a drug addict and alcoholic and came out clean.  She says the prison experience saved her life.  Otherwise she’d be dead by now

The main problem with these private corporation owned prisons they are farmed out to is that their main goal is making a profit and not helping the prisoners stay healthy and to have a better life, like they should be.  The most unfair thing is that the women serve full sentences while the men serve half because all beds must be full at all times to maximize their profit and there are so many men coming in to the men’s prisons that they are sent home after half their sentence is served.  No so the women.  Barbara served her full sentence.

Barbara hopes that her story might help people to realize that the criminal justice system needs to be improved and also, that there is hope for people addicted to drugs and alcohol to somehow get back to normal.  For Barbara, it was the 5 year prison experience.  Hopefully, for most people all they need is a good treatment facility.

Cell-Shocked: I Crash-Landed into a Maximum Security Prison

by Barbara Price Castellone

ISBN- 978-1-68536-648-3

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