Differential Positioning, Precision Matching – the Algorithm Logic Behind EPWK

In this day and age you don’t even have to walk out from your shelter to have the resources of the entire country at your fingertips. As an emerging online marketplace for creativity, EPWK has attracted countless users by providing effective, secure, standardised and professional products and services, making it the leading platform in the industry.

And what makes this platform so successful is its highly effective, precise and professional product technology.

The internet and big data have brought revolutionary chages to daily life and the working eviroment. From the concept of “witkey (a web-based system whereby users can exchange and purchase services and information, share knowledge and experience in order to save time and money. per Wikipedia)” to other shared economy platforms, advancement of technology makes working from home a more approachable option. Founded in July 2010, EPWK has been striving to create more value for users through its platform since day one.

During these 10 years, EPWK has accumulated over 10 million of users, helping millions of them to start up their own careers, while helping millions of employers to find the professionals they desperately need.

“Precise, effective and professional” is how users always describe EPWK. If you are curious how EPWK has achieved this, follow us as we interview EPWK’s Technical Director, Feng Mei, who explains the technology behind EPWK.

Part 1. Diffrentiated Product Positioning

Q: So, what kind of platform is EPWK? How is EPWK different from other similar platforms?

A: According to the Guidelines for Classifying and Grading Internet Platforms (Draft), EPWK is an online sales platform that promotes trades and boosts matching efficiency. But we don’t offer physical trading, instead we focus on trading creativity. Unlike most other platforms that focus on one vertical segment, EPWK is a comprehensive platform that offers over 300 sub-categories including design, development, decoration, copywriting, marketing etc.

Q: What, then, is EPWK’s stronggest asset over similar platforms?

A: EPWK has been hailed as “representing China’s new generation of witkey website” by Avery Consulting. We were also the first to come up with a zero commission strategy that significantly reduces the cost of online entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, starting from the users’ needs, the platform creates the first VIP membership service model, focusing on the common deficiencies of business bargaining, brand exposure and traffic operation for knowledge and skill entrepreneurs, providing them with six premium services of business opportunity, traffic, brand, operation, training and service, and forming a diversified online service product system.

In addition, EPWK has also established a complete rating system, based on which the platform can comprehensively evaluate service providers based on factors such as data integrity, task completion rate, business scale and customer reviews, and classify them into different levels, so that buyers can select service providers according to their needs.

The platform also provides a one-stop, full lifecycle service system that combines online crowdsourcing + offline crowdsourcing + diversified derivative services to meet the various service needs of different users.

Part 2. Precice Matching & Recommondation System

Q: What do you think is the absolute essential feature of EPWK?

A: The value of business lies in creating value for users. EPWK’s core mission is to harness the power of technology to break down the barriers of time, geography and space, enabling a good match of resources between supply and demand for services.

On the one hand, the platform helps employers to easily, affordably and securely find talent with professional skills on the platform, purchase satisfactory creative products and services, and achieve growth in brand value. On the other hand, it enables service providers to use the platform to provide services online and monetize their knowledge and skills, creative intelligence and services to achieve the goal of income generation and entrepreneurship.

Every seemingly simple service function requires huge investment and a lot behind the scenes effort to make it work well. Our platform uses various powerful components such as data centre, messaging service centre, elastic cloud computing centre, automation management centre and application centre, which can provide basic support for stable operation, elastic expansion and intelligent and efficient service of the platform.

Q: Well, EPWK’s accurate, real-time task matching recommendations have earned it a very good reputation among the user community. So, what are the differences or highlights of the YiPinWeiChuan platform’s accurate matching technology compared to its competitors’ matching technology?

A: The core requirement of big data-based matching technology is to continuously improve the matching efficiency and two-way accuracy of both supply and demand (employers and service providers). In order to achieve more efficient matching efficiency, EPWK’s product R&D team, after overcoming difficulties for many times, launched the “Personalised Task Intelligent Recommendation Engine”, which eventually formed two patented core technologies, namely “Employer-Task-Service Provider Personalised Recommendation Technology” and “Implicit Factor Model Wicker Task Recommendation Method”.

The “Employer-Task-Service Provider Personalised Recommendation Technology”, based on the wike-task-label tripartite graph, combines the historical information of wikers and tasks with the labels of tasks by making full use of various data information to make comprehensive personalised recommendations for wikers, solving the problem of information overload and intelligently driving the personalised recommendation of talent and demand, achieving high rates of cost-effective promotion and increasing user conversion rates.

The “Implicit Factor Model Wicker Task Recommendation Method” provides an implicit factor model wicker task recommendation method with feature vectors, combined with accurate modelling of wicker task interaction data, to improve recommendation accuracy while solving the problem of “cold start” for new users and new tasks. The two techniques are a good solution to the problem of “cold start” for new users.

The two techniques solve the problem of information overload in wiker crowdsourcing platforms, recommend appropriate tasks to users, effectively improve the user experience of the platform, and promote the development of the industry.

Q: But for our users, the bigger concern might be: how do we make the most of this technology?

A: Our platform’s multi-dimensional intelligent matching algorithm calculates different weights for content such as job information, special requirements, personal preferences, skill tags, overall rating of past performance and perfection of store decor.


Working enviroment of EPWK’s R&D team

As an employer, if you want the intelligent task recommendation engine to match tasks more efficiently and accurately, you need to improve your needs and special requirements as much as possible, while adding your personal preferences. As a service provider, you need to improve your skill tags, shop decoration, timely follow-up of quickly matched tasks, and quality and quantity of completed tasks to receive higher praise and satisfaction, i.e., continuously improve your service and after-sales quality, and enhance the overall strength of your service provider from all aspects.

The task intelligent recommendation engine will push tasks to the best service providers in real time through a multi-dimensional intelligent matching algorithm, allowing employers to get quality solutions faster and service providers to get more accurate project requirements.

Part 3. Service First and Create Value

Q: What other supporting service guarantee initiatives does the EPWK platform offer in addition to accurate task matching technology?

A: For more than ten years, EPWK has been developing and growing, with more than ten million registered users. With continuous product innovation and technology upgrading, EPWK has become a well-known online platform for creative services digital intelligence trading in China, with functional features such as creative crowdsourcing and knowledge and skills sharing.

For example, to protect the rights of both sides of the platform, EPWK has introduced Integrity Guard and Copyright Guard, as well as electronic contracts.

Integrity Guard is a powerful weapon to ensure smooth transactions, with service providers promising to “guarantee completion”, “guarantee after-sale” and “guarantee originality”. It is used to provide priority compensation in the event of disputes, enhance the protection of intellectual property rights and create a healthy online trading environment.

Copyright Guard is an online electronic deposit service provided by the EPWK platform for assignment works, which has a certain legal effect and can effectively prove the creation time and copyright of the deposited works. If a work is misappropriated or in dispute, the copyright deposit data can be used as strong legal evidence of copyright protection.

In addition, in order to enhance the security and convenience of online transactions, the YiPinWeiKe platform provides users with electronic contract services, on the one hand, abandon the traditional paper contract to send the cumbersome mode, saving time, effort and money; on the other hand, through the entire process of electronic contract signing to do the whole forensic, forming a complete evidence of the closed loop, to ensure the true validity of the electronic contract.

Q: What other product innovations and efforts have been made to improve the customer service experience on the EPWK platform?

A: The best way to cope with change is to take the initiative to think about change and stay ahead of it. In order to fully explore user needs and further expand the length, breadth and depth of our products and services, EPWK will work around the “four -sation” — productizing creativity, intelligently digitizing operations, financializing services and internationalizing its presence.

We will adhere to our development goals in product research and development, continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously optimise the matching algorithm, improve matching efficiency and higher accuracy, better serve platform users, enable excellent service talents and demand enterprises to effectively connect, and create greater value for both the supply and demand of creative services.

PS: Xiamen EPWK(Chinese “Yipin Weike”) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as EPWK) was established on March 20th, 2011. It wase selected as a “Double Hundred Plan” enterprise and is a key listed reserve enterprise in Xiamen, it is the operating body of the cloud platform EPWK.COM. It is also a national high-tech enterprise, a national demonstration base for the integration of culture, science and technology, an e-commerce demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, a unit of the National Science and Technology Support Program, a typical case of the National Development and Reform Commission’s China Sharing Economy Development Report (2019), and a member of the first National Sharing Economy Standardisation Technical Committee Memer unit.

With the mission of “technology-enabled enterprise services, promoting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises” and based on a credible and intelligent platform, Yipin Wike is committed to building a global creative design and software research and development industry ecological chain, becoming a linker, integrator and value creator of industrial resources.

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