A thought-provoking read by C.C Crawford

A thought-provoking read by C.C Crawford

WINTER GARDEN, Fl. – Author C.C Crawford delivers Hallmark Drama-worthy storytelling with a strong emphasis on the themes of faith, family, and acceptance in her novel, “Our Place in Time.”  

Love knows no color for Crawford’s character; her writing of this book, she hopes, will help lift the stigma on her hometown by a tragic and racist act of more than one hundred years ago. 

In “Our Place in Time”, Grover McKeen, a U.S. Marine Lieutenant, critically wounded in his head while deployed to Korea, is saved by Valory, a black Navy Nurse who refuses to let him die. They eventually develop a bond with each other and their feelings float in the air. Grover’s father rejects Valory and disowns his son.  Some thirty years later, Grover receives a letter from his father inviting them to visit the family home in the small, all-white town of Ocoee, Florida. 

The story of Grover and Valory unfolds against the backdrop of racism, bigotry, and hypocrisy. Crawford’s novel contains a celebration of empathy and complexities, but their love for each other triumphs over the challenges that come from two different life experiences. 

Will time ever heal hatred and bigotry and will forgiveness triumph? Readers will find “Our Place in Time” a thought-provoking read as it deals with racism and interracial relationships and history titbits of slavery in the 1800s. The author hopes that her book will motivate readers to tackle the issue of interracial relationships and for people to give pause and think. 

“Our Place in Time” 

By C.C Crawford 

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About the Author 

C.C. Crawford is a native of Central Florida. She grew up in the all-white town of Ocoee and was educated in the Orange County Public School District. She still lives in the area. Among her many interests are gardening and sports. She was a Real Estate Broker by profession. Our Place in Time is her first novel. 

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