Introducing the Revolutionary Alchemy Method: A Life-Transforming Breakthrough

The Alchemy Method unleashes true potential, the path from lethargic to limitless.

Founded by the dynamic duo Kate Austin and Paul Greene, Freedom Alchemist’s Alchemy Method is a groundbreaking online platform making waves in personal transformation and wellness. This passionate team is dedicated to helping individuals heal their body and mind and reach their full potential.

The team at Freedom Alchemist stands by the famous Thomas Edison quote; “the future doctor will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease with nutrition.”

Paul and Kate have been deep in the field of disease reversal and preventative action for the past half-decade and have hundreds of testimonies from their clients’ sharing results that have their doctors stunned, such as completely reversing diabetes, hypertension, no longer needing medication and releasing impossible amounts of weight in a healthy balanced way. In addition to giving clients powerful communication tools to restore broken relationships, which is part of the healing journey.

“People are sick and tired of being sick and tired; unfortunately, most doctors simply do not understand how to cure illness through nutrition. Our bodies are designed to heal; you must create the correct environment for them to do so. Our team teaches people how to optimize their environments for ultimate health, success, love, and purpose,” says Kate.

Freedom Alchemist has partnered with one of America’s leading functional MD teams for bloodwork to help people understand their bio-individual needs from the perspective of health and prevention rather than illness. as well as the best products and bio hacks to have them charging towards health with understanding with accountability and power in the knowledge they will absorb while in this group. 

They help clients bridge the gap with their doctors to aid the rapid healing process and get them to their whole version of life. They also address the subconscious patterns that have kept many stuck, sick, depressed, anxious, and afraid.

“Our program is gamified to keep our clients on track. We work where doctors fail people. It’s simple, effective, and most people will experience a 180-degree uplevel in their health in the first 180 days,” adds Kate.

A – Awareness: This involves introspection and observation of one’s physical health, mental state, and relationship quality. With the client, Freedom Alchemist will assess dietary habits, exercise routine, sleep patterns, thought patterns, emotional state, stress level, and the health of relationships, along with identifying any strengths, weaknesses, and recurring patterns.

L – Learning: Gain insight into the necessary steps for desired changes. Freedom Alchemist gathers simple knowledge that provides understanding: nutrition, individual biological needs, exercise regimes, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, stress management, positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and effective communication.

C – Commitment: According to Freedom Alchemist, clients should dedicate themselves to achieving transformation. Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals for each area of improvement.

H – Habit: Consistency is crucial; even minor regular actions can lead to significant changes. Freedom Alchemist helps establish enjoyable routines that seamlessly integrate into a lifestyle to make living healthy and grateful easy.

E – Evaluation: They have systems to regularly review progress, to make necessary adjustments to one’s strategies.

M – Mastery: Mastery comes with practice and is a journey, not a destination – it’s about persistent refinement and improvement. This is where one fine-tunes their nutritional needs, workout plans, mindfulness practices, stress management techniques, and interpersonal skills according to their requirements.

Y – Yielding: Freedom Alchemist helps allow time to yield the old identity that had one stuck and celebrate the transformation to a new, healthier individual. Individuals will reap the benefits of hard work and understand that maintaining optimal health and mental agility is an ongoing journey, not a one-time achievement. This gives the power of being limitless.

About the Founders

Kate Austin and Paul Greene are highly accomplished professionals in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of expertise and passion to Freedom Alchemist. Kate, a sought-after Tony Robbins-trained strategic intervention coach with a master’s degree in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), deeply understands the power of mindset and personal development. Paul, an integrated nutrition coach with two decades of experience in fitness strategies, detoxification, prevention, and longevity, is dedicated to guiding individuals on their wellness journey.

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