Communication Legal Translation: Quality Legal Translation Services Made Affordable

Communication Legal Translation offers top-rated Arabic to English translation services for the residents of Dubai.

Communication Legal Translation has been a trusted partner for legal translations for the past two decades. The company has earned widespread recognition for its dedication to meeting clients’ goals and exceeding their expectations. Over the years, they have evolved to offer a comprehensive range of translation services, including Arabic-to-English translations and French-to-Arabic or English translations.

About the Company 

In today’s diverse global culture, the ability to translate legal and personal documents accurately is of paramount importance. Since its establishment in 1996, Communication Legal Translation (CLT) has been at the forefront of providing certified translation services, earning an impeccable reputation as the best language translator services in Dubai and the UAE.

Their dedication to precision and excellence has been endorsed by the Ministry of Justice, UAE, and it is recognized by all government departments and foreign embassies based in the UAE. Their clientele, which includes law firms, banking and financial institutions, lawyers, advertisement agencies, immigration consultants, and more, further attests to the quality and reliability of their legal translation services.

According to a company representative, “Our mission at Communication Legal Translation is to bridge language barriers and facilitate seamless communication between individuals and organizations operating in diverse languages. We understand the importance of precise legal translation and are proud to offer the best language translator services in Dubai and beyond.”

Top Experts in Their Field 

Communication Legal Translation is committed to excellence, and their team does not use Google Translation or hybrid methods. Instead, translations are done by certified legal translators, ensuring accuracy. Furthermore, they do not outsource to third-party translators; their legal translation team is in-house, guaranteeing quality control.

The CLT team prioritizes meeting deadlines because they understand the importance of legal translation and guaranteeing timely yet accurate translations. Client information is also protected with the highest security and confidentiality standards, another part of their satisfaction guaranteed policy.

The company is the all-inclusive legal translation source in Dubai, including lost passport certificates, police reports, criminal clearance records, good conduct certificates, residence permits, and much more. With the help of their secure, accurate, and quick services, their clients can rest easy knowing their translation needs are in reliable hands.


Communication Legal Translation stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of legal translation services. Since their inception in 1996, they have diligently perfected the art of providing certified translation services, earning recognition from the Ministry of Justice, UAE. With a dedicated team of certified translators well-versed in legal terminologies, they have become the go-to choice for those seeking top-quality legal translation services in Dubai.

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