The Road to a Secure Future: American Senior Benefits, Heartland Retirement Group on a Mission To Safeguard Retirement Assets

Protecting Asset Transfer in Retirement with Proper Long-term Care Planning.

American Senior Benefits and Heartland Retirement Group highlight the importance of protecting asset transfer in retirement with proper long-term care planning in a partnership that seeks to put people back in the people business.

As individuals approach retirement, most financial decisions center around retirement planning. However, few take the time to ensure seamless transfer of assets. Heartland Retirement Group, powered by American Senior Benefits, seeks to help individuals create tax-free retirement income streams through strategic IRA conversions. According to Jessica DeBonis, senior advisor and field manager at Heartland Retirement Group, proper planning is crucial to navigating any challenges in retirement. American Senior Benefits and Heartland Retirement Group focus on empowering clients with the knowledge and strategies to protect their assets during retirement.

Speaking about the range of retirement decisions individuals need to plan for, Jessica shares that IRA conversions are among the key focus points. Rather than go with the traditional IRAs, retirees can access account options that function much like Roth IRA but with more retirement benefits. These lead to a tax-free retirement income stream and eliminate taxes in retirement.

“There are an overwhelming amount of retirement decisions. Simplify your planning with a single source to guide you.”

Besides identifying focus areas for long-term retirement planning, Jessica emphasizes the importance of working with providers who tailor solutions to clients’ unique needs. Choosing the right company can be challenging, especially since retirees are bombarded with calls and emails from insurance companies. Rather than state solutions, Jessica educates clients to help them understand their retirement options and choose what works best for them. She believes long-term care planning is more than just putting money aside for health, home, auto, and more; it is about employing effective strategies to safeguard each client’s financial legacy regardless of unforeseen expenses.

Retirement should be a breeze, and Jessica DeBonis is here to ensure that retirees have access to simple, sound solutions that guide every step of their retirement journey. For more information, visit American Senior Benefits or Heartland Retirement Group.

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