Estate Planning Attorney Natalia Sishodia Shares Insights on Estate Planning Laws in New York

Estate Planning Attorney Natalia Sishodia Shares Insights on Estate Planning Laws in New York

Estate planning attorney Natalia Sishodia of Sishodia PLLC has recently released a detailed article on ‘estate planning laws in New York’. As an experienced lawyer in estate planning, Sishodia serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals and families seeking to understand the benefits and necessities of estate planning.

In the article, Sishodia, an established estate planning attorney, emphasizes the importance of proactive estate planning. She states, “When a person works hard all their life to accumulate their assets, they have the right to decide who the assets will go to after they are gone. Many individuals put off developing a comprehensive estate plan for ‘someday.’ However, when the unforeseen happens, those individuals may no longer have a say over who inherits their estate or in what proportion.”

The Manhattan-based estate planning attorney further explains that estate planning is not just about drafting a will; it covers how medical care is handled should one become gravely ill or incapacitated, how children are taken care of, and how to reduce the tax burden on loved ones after death. This process often involves setting up living trusts and designating a beneficiary for each asset, leading to effective asset protection.

“An estate plan is the entirety of many different efforts and documents with the primary goal of setting up an estate for the future,” Sishodia elaborates. “Estate planning is not only about who will get what property after a loved one dies. It provides essential tools such as power of attorney that allow for the efficient transfer of assets to the heirs and beneficiaries when that becomes necessary. Estate planning is about an individual having control over what happens to their wealth and property while they are alive and after their death.”

The article also highlights the role of skilled attorneys in making the right decisions for the disposition of assets, saving assets from estate taxes, and planning for long-term care. Sishodia and her team of lawyers at Sishodia PLLC emphasize listening closely to their clients’ goals and needs, advising them on how to protect their properties while alive and provide for their loved ones after they are gone.

Moreover, Sishodia underscores the importance of having a will as an essential estate planning tool. Dying without a will means dying intestate, which implies that state laws decide how a person’s property will be distributed. This situation may not always align with their wishes, thus stressing the utility of a well-drafted will in estate-planning and administration.

The estate tax implications of estate planning are also significant, and this is where the experience of a professional law firm becomes crucial. The lawyers at Sishodia PLLC are well-versed in estate tax laws and can guide families on how to minimize their impact.

Ultimately, estate planning is about more than just property. It’s about protecting an individual’s estate, wealth, legacy, and ensuring that plans and wishes are followed.

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Sishodia PLLC is a Manhattan-based law firm that prides itself on offering comprehensive legal services in estate planning. Led by Attorney Natalia Sishodia, the firm focuses on guiding clients to make informed decisions about their future. By listening closely to their clients’ needs, they provide tailored advice to assist in the efficient transfer of assets and asset protection, reduce potential estate taxes on loved ones, and set up living trusts. With a team of dedicated professionals, Sishodia PLLC remains committed to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of estate planning, ensuring that their wealth and legacy are preserved for future generations.



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