HOUSBRUG has taken the African market by storm as the winner of the “2016 South African Women’s Favorite Functional Beverage Brand” award

As the most successful functional beverage brand in the southern hemisphere, HOUSBRUG is not only popular in the southern hemisphere markets such as Australia and New Zealand and South America, its loyal consumers are also all over the African market.

In 2016, the “2016 South African Women’s Favorite Functional Beverage Brand” list was officially released by the South African Food and Beverage Association, and HOUSBRUG topped the list. It is reported that this selection lasted for six months and appeared on more than ten television and radio stations in South Africa, attracting more than 20000 South African female consumers to vote. HOUSBRUG’s vote rate was over 30% higher than the second place.

As one of the most economically developed countries in Africa, it is learned that the e-commerce industry in South Africa has shown a strong growth momentum due to the high mobile phone penetration rate. According to digital agency Reprise, women are the primary consumer group in South Africa, and they are particularly attracted to interactive, easy-to-use digital channels. Data from consumer research firm ThinkOver also shows that 94% of women between the ages of 15 and 35 spend more than an hour a day shopping online. Recognized as the beauty capital of Africa, South African women particularly enjoy consuming personal care products for pleasure, which has also contributed to the hot sales of various functional and skin care products in South Africa.

HOUSBRUG, the largest functional beverage brand in the Southern Hemisphere, was founded in 2009 by Dr. John House, Ph.D. in Chemistry, and Dr. Raman Capella, Ph.D. in Nutrition, with a focus on the development of functional beverages and confections that are natural, pronounced, and long-lasting, allowing health and beauty to emanate from the inside out.

HOUSBRUG has developed a number of subdivided professional functional products during years of development. Its products include anti-alcoholic functional drinks, collagen drinks, anti-glycation drinks, whitening functional drinks, probiotic functional drinks, fat-burning drinks, vitamin nutrition drinks, light drinks and hyaluronic acid drinks and other subdivided professional functional products. In 2010, HOUSBRUG has entered the African market, especially in the economically developed South African market, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

It is said that naturalism has always been the label that HOUSBRUG has gained a lot of popularity compared with other brands. While providing sufficient nutrients for the human body, HOUSBRUG develops highly effective active ingredients by extracting highly effective plant extracts and cutting-edge technology to create unique products, and avoid side effects on the human body to the greatest extent through safer ingredients, and refuses to add hormones and pharmaceutical ingredients, so that consumers can experience the true “healing power of nature”.

Since winning the award in 2016, HOUSBRUG has been fully stocked in thousands of offline pharmacies and supermarkets in South Africa, making it one of the favorite functional beverage brands for thousands of South African women.

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