Cultivating Workgroups with Five Key Features: Harnessing Great Potential within Small Units

Workgroup is the fundamental building block and essential production unit within the enterprise, carrying out all operations. The effectiveness of workgroup organization directly impacts the survival and progression of the enterprise.

Throughout the company’s development journey, NHU has consistently prioritized workgroup development, dedicating ongoing efforts to its management. Since 2022, NHU initiated the establishment of workgroups with five key features, marking the commencement of a fresh phase in workgroup development. Each unit proactively reviews the 30 years of workgroup building experience, consistently enhances the system, expands initiatives, reinforces execution, and explores novel ideas and approaches to shape workgroups embodying five key features: learning, safety, innovation, efficiency, and harmony.

Fostering a Learning Environment to Cultivate Workgroups Committed to Learning

Establishing a learning-oriented workgroup is a potent embodiment of our “teacher” culture, a critical assurance for maintaining work safety, and a great endeavor to empower our staff for continuous growth. Each unit is guided by the “teacher” culture and actively implements practices such as the ‘mentor system’ and ‘partner system’ to pass on cultural ideologies and skill proficiency. Additionally, workgroups are encouraged to partake in labor and skill competitions, various levels of functional skill trainings, training courses for reserve workgroup leaders, and talent bench programmes. Workgroups engage in brainstorming sessions, create OPL (one-point lessons) cards, and establish a comprehensive training matrix — all aimed at nurturing employee growth and development.

Raising Safety and Environmental Awareness to Cultivate Workgroups Committed to Safety and Environmental Protection

Safety forms the fundamental and non-negotiable prerequisite for the company’s survival and progress, with the workgroup serving as the forefront in the company’s safety and environmental management. Each unit upholds the principle of ‘safety first’, striving for the goal of ‘zero accident, zero violation, and zero emission’. This is rigorously enforced through practices such as a well-structured shift handover system and pre-shift and post-shift meetings to elevate safety consciousness across the entire staff. It shifts the mindset from passively enhance safety to actively secure safety. Concurrently, the company proactively engages in activities like sharing accident cases, identifying hidden hazards, conducting practices of emergency response skills and emergency drills, to augment the emergency response proficiency of all staff, fortify the bedrock of safety development, and bolster the company’s core competitiveness.

Emphasizing Corporate Performance to Cultivate Efficient Workgroups

Cultivating ‘efficient’ workgroups is an important foothold for the core principle of ‘Cost Effectiveness and Full Participation’. Achieving high performance requires a focus on enhancing quality management, embracing equipment automation, and driving cost reduction initiatives. This approach allows the workgroup to evolve into a unit that leads in technology, cost-effectiveness, and overall efficiency. Each unit actively engages in cost-saving efforts and consumption reduction, repairing the old and recycling the waste, optimizing existing resources and diligently identifying potential areas for improvement. Furthermore, they adhere to the principle of ‘development as the paramount goal’, fostering a management culture that values corporate performance and continually shifts focus from production-centric approaches to performance-oriented strategies through robust management practices.

Reinforcing Innovation to Cultivate Innovative Workgroups

Innovation serves as the primary driver for enterprise progress, and establishing innovative workgroups is an essential mandate aligned with our innovation philosophy. Each unit adopts a problem-solving and performance-driven approach, engaging in extensive mass innovation initiatives encompassing technical advancements, QC results sharing, and process optimization proposals. The aim is to encourage employees to propose optimization suggestions related to the company’s development, work safety, operation management, cost-efficiency measures, and more. This approach deepens the staff’s comprehension and knowledge of technological innovation, instilling an innovation mindset among them, and ultimately making workgroups as the catalyst for scientific and technological innovation. 

Prioritizing Employee Well-being to Cultivate Harmonious Workgroups

Fostering harmonious workgroups embodies our commitment to a strong sense of rapport within the company. By promoting transparency in organizational matters, establishing comprehensive profiles for team members, conducting regular democratic discussions, and organizing team-building events, each unit actively demonstrates genuine care for employees, aiming to augment employee happiness and sense of value, transforming the workgroup into a nurturing ‘home’ where unity, cooperation, mutual support, and care are paramount.

The development of workgroups is a fundamental task crucial for the long-term growth of the enterprise. It encompasses a wide range of aspects and constitutes a complex, ongoing effort. NHU remains steadfast in its enterprise motto of ‘Creating Wealth, Elevating Employees, and Benefiting Society’, taking a step-by-step approach and continuously engaging in thorough, sturdy, and detailed work in workgroup development. Our aim is to enhance our organizational efficiency and production competencies, providing a strong support for the advancement of intelligent manufacturing systems. Thus, in turn, enables us to provide superior products and services and generate heightened value. This concerted effort establishes a strong base and propels the vital impetus essential for the company’s high-quality development.

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