Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer Paul McConnell Unveils Comprehensive Article on Child Custody Jurisdiction in Connecticut

Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer Paul McConnell Unveils Comprehensive Article on Child Custody Jurisdiction in Connecticut

Greenwich child custody lawyer Paul McConnell ( has recently published an in-depth article titled ‘Child Custody Jurisdiction & Connecticut’. The piece serves as an insightful guide for navigating the intricacies of child custody jurisdiction in Connecticut, providing valuable legal perspectives and offering information that can assist parents in understanding the complexities of this topic.

McConnell, a seasoned Greenwich child custody lawyer, brings to light the importance of filing custody claims with the correct court in his article. He underscores the crucial role of jurisdiction—the power of a court to make legal decisions—and its typical governance by state law. 

“Understanding jurisdiction in child custody cases is paramount,” the Greenwich child custody lawyer states. “The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was created to resolve conflicts deriving from different state laws and court decisions, which often led to confusion in determining which state law governed a child custody dispute.”

In his article, McConnell explores the UCCJEA in detail, explaining its role in establishing a hierarchy of different grounds for jurisdiction. He also outlines how Connecticut, among most other states, has adopted the UCCJEA, which is codified in Connecticut General Statutes 46b-115 et. seq.

The Greenwich child custody lawyer discusses the four bases for jurisdiction as outlined by Connecticut General Statutes 46b-115k, which include “home state” jurisdiction, “significant-connection” jurisdiction, “more appropriate forum” jurisdiction, and “last-resort” jurisdiction. McConnell provides illustrative examples to clarify these complex concepts, ensuring they remain accessible to readers with no legal background.

McConnell also explains the conditions under which Connecticut courts may exercise “temporary emergency” jurisdiction, as well as scenarios in which a court may decline to exercise its jurisdiction. He further clarifies the circumstances under which Connecticut retains jurisdiction over a custody determination and the conditions necessary for a Connecticut court to modify another state’s custody order.

“Every child custody situation is unique and needs to be evaluated within the context of the UCCJEA and state laws,” McConnell emphasizes. “It’s essential for parents to grasp these legal concepts, as they directly impact the custody dispute’s outcome.”

To gain a deeper understanding of child custody jurisdiction in Connecticut, consider reading Paul McConnell’s article. It is a valuable resource for those seeking to familiarize themselves with the legal intricacies related to child custody disputes.

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