LightCycle and Vertex Network Spark Metaverse Excitement at EDGE 2023

At the 2023 EDGE Summit in Hong Kong, LightCycle, a prominent metaverse platform, presented its advanced technology and vision for the digital future. LightCycle CEO Sara delivered an impressive speech, emphasizing virtual reality, AI, real-time rendering, and blockchain technology in LightCycle’s metaverse world. Another project incubated by the organizer Vertex Labs, Vertex Network, showcased its pioneering decentralized edge rendering and AI computing technology at the EDGE Summit.This event brought together experts, investors, and artists to explore the Web3 landscape.

During the summit, LightCycle hosted “LightCycle Night,” a noteworthy event where attendees gained deeper insights into LightCycle’s innovations and its vision for the future. The success of this event reaffirmed LightCycle’s leading position in the metaverse space, showcasing the potential of its innovative technology. Robbie Williams’ AR concert during LightCycle Night was a standout moment, symbolizing a significant milestone in the convergence of music, technology, and creativity in future virtual reality entertainment.

It’s worth mentioning that, British music icon will also step into the innovative digital world of LightCycle in December 2023. He will host a breathtaking concert within the LightCycle application, bringing together his music, NFTs, and fans, perfectly merging the metaverse with music.

LightCycle is a Web3-based metaverse platform where artists, creators, and fans collaborate and enjoy music together. Robbie Williams has joined LightCycle to share his music and creativity with a global fanbase.

Robbie Williams will have virtual land in LightCycle, where he’ll expand his music presence. He’ll release a special NFT collection, including virtual wearables and tickets, offering VIP privileges to ticket holders for his concerts, events, and exclusive NFT releases.

LightCycle’s CEO, Sara, anticipates an extraordinary experience as Robbie Williams joins the metaverse, emphasizing the opportunity for collaboration, interaction, and shared musical moments with fans.

LightCycle intends to host a land auction, enabling user participation in the digital world’s creative and social aspects. Owning digital land allows players to create, interact, and share content, fostering community engagement. Moreover, players can purchase land neighboring Robbie Williams in the virtual world to enhance his virtual concert’s influence.

The partnership promises an exciting global music event, offering fans a unique opportunity to interact with Robbie Williams and explore the future of music in the digital world.

Vertex Network’s tech bridges the gap between users and high-end applications, without costly hardware. It revolutionises creativity and opens opportunities for developers.

During the EDGE Summit’s Demo Day, Vertex Network’s demo impressed investors, highlighting its potential in the decentralised app space.

Leslie, Vertex Network’s Head of Marketing, stated, “We stand on the precipice of a digital tech revolution. Vertex Network’s real-time edge rendering and AI computing will redefine our digital interactions.”

Robbie Williams’ exclusive digital performance showcased how digital rendering empowers music.

Vertex Network’s interviews with “BlockBeats” and “Jinse” reaffirmed its commitment to reshaping digital experiences.

Vertex Network leads not only in technology but also in understanding Web3. It continues to drive Web 3.0, the metaverse, and AI computing, forging new digital frontiers. We eagerly anticipate exploring the boundless potential of Web3 and the metaverse.

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