The high-positioning traditional stamp industry is rapidly integrating into the Internet + era

On the afternoon of July 30, 2016, it was organized by Guangzhou United stamp Industry Association and co-organized by Xeqin Stationery Co., LTD., Shenzhen Baihe stamp Technology Co., LTD., Zhuoda stamp Equipment (Xiamen) Co., LTD., Taiwan Sansheng Xinli Writing Factory and Bailun Baicheng Group. The theme was “Cooperation o Sharing, stamp industry physical stores how to integrate into the era of mobile Internet “seminar was held. In addition to traditional stamp industry entrepreneurs, many IT industry entrepreneurs also participated in this conference. It is a cross-border exchange of stamp + Internet, bringing a grand event of thought exchange for the booming traditional stamp industry in South China. At the same time, the meeting also gathered the most influential domestic stamp company representatives and industry expert leaders.

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Mr. Liu Wenxian, President of Guangzhou Joint Seal Industry Association, delivered a welcoming speech

Ideas determine the way out, ideas affect development. How to break out of the traditional seal industry mode, how to integrate traditional seals into the Internet, how to improve the technical content of seals, to meet the needs of social development. In view of this series of topics, top experts in the industry, such as Balun Baleng Group, Xueqin Stationery Company, Shenzhen Baihe Seal Technology Co., Ltd. were invited to give different suggestions and opinions. Mr. Liang Shaofeng, president of Guangdong Seal Industry Association and many other industry experts also made wonderful analysis and share.

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Mr. Liang Shaofeng, President of Guangdong Seal Industry Association, delivered a speech

In this event, through the combination of keynote speech and forum interaction, the seal industry in the Internet era and the background of big data should use the Internet for marketing and brand building, and shared the successful experience.What’s more worth mentioning is that Mr. Liang Shaofeng, President of the company, delivered his unique opinion on the spot: the Internet + era is an era of resource sharing and resource integration. He hopes to aggregate industrial strength and gather wisdom of all parties in the future. The perfect combination of traditional seal and Internet + will build a valuable new wisdom platform.

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Seminar activity site

Mr. Liu Wenxian, president of Guangzhou Joint Seal Industry Association, said that cooperation and sharing is the core of the work of the association in 2016. As long as it is beneficial to members and the industry, the association will give positive attention. The association belongs to everyone. The main purpose of establishing the association is to unite colleagues and seek common development.He also said that the association has a large number of member talents and member businesses all over the country. The gross product of the association occupies an important position in Guangzhou seal industry and has a wide representation in the industry, which provides support for the association to collect the latest information and make decisions in the industry. Finally, let us rebuild the brilliance of seal industry with new thinking and high positioning.In view of the topic of “Small seal, Big Dream — Innovation and Development of seal Industry in the era of mobile Internet”, Chen Shengjie, general manager of Guangzhou Company of Balun Baleng Group, also expressed his unique views and opinions. Chen Shengjie said that the electronic seal will be the highlight of the development of the seal industry in the future. As the leading enterprise of the domestic electronic seal industry, Balen Baleng Group will provide the majority of customers with high-quality services together with the majority of seal industry partners. And for the topic of “Internet + traditional physical seal electronic information development road”, the person in charge of Xieqin Stationery Co., Ltd. is also a surprise out of the development trend of the industry. He said: NFC technology will be applied by the seal industry, seal chip anti-counterfeiting technology based on NFC technology will help users identify the authenticity of the seal, put an end to the existence of fake official seals.

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The guests listened intently to the speech

In addition, how does “seal butler” open a new era of intelligent seal management and control? At the event site, the person in charge of Shenzhen Baihe Seal Technology Co., Ltd. was also refreshing. He said: The seal housekeeper is an intelligent seal, which will realize the security and controllability of the seal and has a wide range of application value in the bank counter business.This activity is of great significance. Many industry experts in South China, together with seal industry association, deeply discuss the large-scale cross-border cooperation between Internet + and traditional seal in the new era, opening a new chapter of seal industry in South China and even China.

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