How to choose a suitable headlamp, Here are some tips

Choosing the right headlamp for people can be a bit of a hassle. Features, price, weight, volume, and appearance all play a role in their final decision. Here are a few suggestions for choosing headlamps that will help them.

Consider the use:

If people don’t walk at night, but just have a leisurely dinner near the campsite or something, they don’t need complicated lamps, just small ones that last a long time.

If people spend a lot of time in the wild, they’ll need a waterproof, long-range headlamp if it rains and walks in the dark.

Consider the environment in which people use it

General outdoor environment requirements for headlamps are not high, but in special circumstances will need special headlamps. If people are going to dive, the headlamps must be of a high degree of water resistance. If they are going to go on a field trip, people will need high-intensity and long-range headlamps.

Tips for selecting headlamps


In general, the headlamp is better if it is brighter and has longer beam distance, but the 100-200 lumens headlamp with 50-60 meters beam distance is enough for usual use.


Heavy headlamps, wearing a long time will feel uncomfortable, the general choice of lightweight headlamps is better.

Run time:

Buyers generally like the headlamps with a long run time. These headlamps do not need to charge frequently. When weight is taken into account, choose headlights that last 8-10 hours.

Life of headlamp

Some poor quality headlamps can’t work anymore within half a year, it is better to choose a headlamp with one-year quality guarantee.

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