Add Joy to the Backyard with Swim Box’s Container Pools

When you consider swimming pools, the idea is amazing, while the execution is tricky. Swimming pools come with unmatched entertainment. However, you start by going through the lengthy on-site process of pool installation and then the responsibility of maintenance. Swim Box provides pools that minimize the hassle all while keeping the charm intact—with its high-quality and durable shipping container swimming pools!


Led by a team of experts in shipping container upcycling for creating sturdy and durable swimming pools, Swim Box is helping fulfill the dream of Dubai residents to own an affordable and low-maintenance pool in their yard.  All its containers possess a well-crafted structure that exhibits exceptional resilience and strength. With proper engineering, these containers effectively serve as water storage units, thus easily converted into swimming pools. 

Swim Box has a meticulous process of customizing containers for every order that comes our way,” a representative from the Swim Box team explained. “We start by checking the container for structural integrity. Although we believe in the immense sustainable impact of reusing shipping containers that frequently go to waste by the hundreds in Dubai, we also prioritize customer safety and satisfaction first. Only the most robust containers pass the thorough inspection. From there, we treat the metal with sandblasting and prime the interior and exterior, finishing by adding a strong liner. Furthermore, we add a UV-resistant coat of paint to protect the pool’s chemical composition and overall integrity.”

As a result of its careful attention to detail, container swimming pools by Swim Box are rust-free. The company also offers customizations such as the addition of windows and lightning features to help its customers turn their swimming pool time into a full-fledged entertaining experience. Buyers can opt for above-ground container pools or sunk-in container pools. From customization to installation, the entire process is seamlessly done. 

In addition to glass windows and lights, Swim Box buyers can add other delightful features such as steps and ladders, diving boards, a multilevel setup with a smaller interior pool for children, or one that doubles as a fully-equipped hot tub. Suited to various terrains, including hillsides and slopes, container pools by Swim Box can be installed above ground, below ground, or partially in the ground, as well as placed on terraces and rooftops.

The technicians at Swim Box cover installation in their services. Once confirming the dimensions, entertainment add-ons, and maintenance features—such as filters and drains—the team handles all the steps till the pool is ready for use. Swim Box also specializes in swimming pool maintenance services, thus offering all kinds of container pool repair and upkeep solutions in Dubai.

Bring the joys of spending quality family time in the water and practicing laps for fitness and professional training home with a container swimming pool from Swim Box. The company’s team offers multiple sizes of container pools, a range of modern customizations, and additional services for maintenance. Practicing safe container pool construction practices, following safety guidelines, and possessing proper certifications for swimming pool construction and maintenance services, Swim Box has gained the trust of countless happy customers—who enjoy a contemporary, luxe container pool at a fraction of the cost of a traditional swimming pool!

About Swim Box

Swim Box is a leading manufacturer of shipping container swimming pools in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They cater to the trend of environmentally friendly pool installations, minimizing expenses, time, and maintenance efforts related to a conventional in-ground swimming pool. Swim Box specializes in container swimming pools that are not only simple to install, but also eliminate the necessity for stone and concrete work. The pools are constructed using recycled steel and energy-saving techniques, making them a delightful and ethical addition to the premises.

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