Solutions to improve the smoothness of PE films

As a material widely used in the packaging industry, polyethylene film, its surface smoothness is crucial to the packaging process and product experience. However, due to its molecular structure and characteristics, PE film may have problems with stickiness and roughness in some cases, affecting its smoothness.

Therefore, improving the smoothness of PE film has become a hot topic in the industry!

1. Material selection:

A low-viscosity resin such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is preferred, which can reduce the adhesion between materials and improve the smoothness of the film.

2. Adding lubricants:

Adding an appropriate amount of Slip Additive For Plastic Film to polyethylene, such as SILIKE Super Slip Anti-Blocking Masterbatch SILIMER 5062, can reduce the surface viscosity and improve the sliding properties of the film.

SILIKE Super Slip Anti-Blocking Masterbatch SILIMER 5062 is a long-chain alkyl-modified siloxane masterbatch containing polar functional groups. It is mainly used in PE, PP, and other polyolefin films and can significantly improve the smoothness of the film, and lubrication during processing can greatly reduce the film surface dynamic and static friction coefficient, making the film surface smoother. At the same time, SILIKE Super Slip Anti-Blocking Masterbatch SILIMER 5062 has a special structure with good compatibility with the matrix resin, no precipitation, and no effect on the transparency of the film.

3. Process improvement:

Control the extrusion temperature: Reasonable control of the extrusion temperature can reduce the viscosity of the molten film and improve its fluidity, thereby improving surface smoothness. Optimize the cooling system: adjust the temperature and speed of the cooling roller to ensure rapid cooling of the film, speed up the curing process, reduce surface texture, and improve smoothness.

The smoothness of PE film can be significantly improved by selecting appropriate materials, optimizing processing technology, and adding Slip Additive For Polyethylene Film. The application of these technologies SILIKE Super Slip Anti-Blocking Masterbatch SILIMER 5062 will promote the wide application of PE film in the packaging industry, enhance the market competitiveness of products, and provide a better user experience.

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