Author’s Tranquility Press Presents: “Making Shifts in Waves of Change: A Coach Approach to Soulful-Leadership” by Edward Hammett and James Richard Pierce

Author's Tranquility Press Presents: "Making Shifts in Waves of Change: A Coach Approach to Soulful-Leadership" by Edward Hammett and James Richard Pierce
Revolutionary Transformation Unveiled: A Coach Approach to Igniting Change

Author’s Tranquility Press is excited to introduce a groundbreaking guide that unlocks the secret to revolutionary transformation. “Making Shifts In Waves Of Change” by the visionary authors Edward Hammett and James R Pierce is now available on Amazon.

In a world marked by constant change and transition, Hammett and Pierce offer a beacon of hope and a toolkit for individuals and leaders alike. Their revolutionary approach to transformation is rooted in the power of coaching, guiding readers through the intricate dance of change and transition.

Revolutionary Transformation = Change + Transition:

Change is inevitable, but transformation is a choice. “Making Shifts In Waves Of Change” is your guide to making that choice. Hammett and Pierce provide readers with a treasure trove of questions, insights, models, and acrostics designed to introduce change and shepherd the transition process. This transformative journey explores the dual dimensions of leading from both the ‘heart’ and ‘head,’ creating a space where others can be invited into a change that not only alters the course but also profoundly transforms.

With profound wisdom, the authors delve into the benefits and challenges of soulful leadership, where the heart and head converge to ignite change. They reveal the art of guiding individuals and organizations through the waves of change, creating a ripple effect of revolutionary transformation.

“Making Shifts In Waves Of Change” is not just a book; it’s a catalyst for change agents, leaders, and anyone seeking to unlock the untapped potential of transformation. Whether you’re navigating personal growth or guiding your team through a transformative journey, this book provides the essential tools and insights to make every shift meaningful.

Discover the power of the coach approach to soulful leadership with “Making Shifts In Waves Of Change” by Edward Hammett and James R Pierce, available now on Amazon. Revolutionize your understanding of change and transition, and unleash the extraordinary potential within yourself and your organization. 

“Making Shifts In Waves of Change” is a groundbreaking work that redefines leadership in our modern world. Hammett and Pierce provide a valuable toolkit for leaders seeking transformation and offer a fresh perspective on how to navigate change with a coach approach. Their insights and wisdom will undoubtedly revolutionize leadership thinking and inspire lasting change in organizations.” – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

About the Authors:

Edward Hammett and James R Pierce are visionary leaders with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations to achieve revolutionary transformation. Their combined expertise in coaching and soulful leadership has created a blueprint for change that transcends the ordinary and ushers in the extraordinary.

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