Epic Blockchain: Empowering the Future of Gaming and Metaverse

Epic Blockchain is a cutting-edge layer 1 public blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize the way we engage with digital worlds, offering developers and gamers a powerful and scalable infrastructure for immersive experiences in gaming, entertainment, and the metaverse.

Building a Foundation for Decentralized Entertainment

Epic Blockchain is dedicated to empowering developers and gamers by leveraging blockchain technology to create innovative games and applications. Their flagship game app, Ecosmo, offers a fast-paced 3v3 and 5v5 MOBA experience, showcasing the platform’s capabilities, while introducing Heroes NFTs, allowing players to securely own and trade unique digital assets within the Ecosmo ecosystem.


  • Scalable: Epic Blockchain’s layer 1 public blockchain can handle large-scale gaming and app ecosystems with the simultaneous processing of thousands of transactions.

  • Secure: The platform prioritizes security through robust encryption, decentralized architecture, and transparent transactions.

  • User-Friendly: Epic Blockchain provides a comprehensive toolkit and developer-friendly environment for easy creation and deployment of games and applications on the blockchain.

Quantum Mining Machine 

Epic Blockchain offers a wide range of Quantum Mining Machines, ranging from T1 to T900, providing users with various options to mine EC Coins at different capacities. Users can select the specific Quantum Mining Machine that best suits their mining requirements and start generating EC Coins with ease while enjoying daily rewards.


Ecosmo, the flagship game app powered by Epic Blockchain, offers an immersive experience of 3v3 and 5v5 MOBA battles with a range of Heroes NFTs. These unique digital assets allow players to securely own and trade their in-game heroes within the Ecosmo ecosystem, adding a new dimension of ownership and value to the gaming experience.

Collaborative Growth

Epic Blockchain takes a collaborative approach to foster a diverse and inclusive digital realm by partnering with other DApps, exchanges like Monaco, and NFT platforms like ABox. This collaborative growth strategy enhances the overall ecosystem and promotes synergy among different blockchain projects within the Epic Blockchain network.

Join Us

Be part of the epic revolution in gaming and app development by joining the Epic Blockchain community, where developers can unleash their creativity, gamers can immerse themselves in the world of Ecosmo, and miners can actively participate in mining EC Coins, all while collaborating, sharing strategies, and forging new friendships within our vibrant community.

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