How to sew hook and loop tape on fabric

Of the many types of garments and items people can make with a sewing machine, some require some type of fastener to be used correctly. This can include clothing such as jackets and vests, as well as makeup bags, school bags and wallets.

Sewing artists can use many different types of fasteners in their creations. Choosing the right product depends on the ease of use of the product as well as the skill of the sewist and available materials. Hook and loop tape is a simple yet effective fastener for many garments and bags.

Hook and loop tape is a special type of fastener that uses two types of surfaces. These surfaces are designed to connect securely to each other when pressed together, providing strong fastening for their project. One side is made up of thousands of small hooks, while the other side has thousands of small loops that snap onto the hooks when tightened.

Want to add hook and loop tape to their next sewing project but need help figuring out how to get started? Hook and loop tape is one of the easiest fasteners to sew, making it a great choice for beginners or intermediate sewing artists. And people probably won’t need any sewing machine accessories they don’t already own.

Before applying velcro hook and loop tape to their project, test it on some spare fabric. When they get the hang of sewing this unique material, it’s better to err on the side of extra fabric rather than the finished product.

Not all hook and loop tapes are created equal. When purchasing hook and loop tape, avoid products that are too stiff or have adhesive on the back. Both materials are difficult to sew and may not hold the stitches well.

Before trying to sew hook and loop tape to their project, choose their thread wisely. For such fasteners, it is recommended to use strong threads made of polyester. If people use thin thread, their machine is more likely to skip stitches during sewing, and the stitches people can sew are at risk of breaking easily. Additionally, it is recommended to use thread that is the same color as the hook and loop tape for best aesthetic value.

Since hook and loop fastener is made of a relatively thick material, it’s crucial to use the right needle for the job. If people try to sew hook and loop tape with a small or thin needle, they may put the needle at risk of breaking.

It is recommended to use a general purpose needle size 14 to 16 for sewing hook and loop tape. Always check their needle regularly as people sew to make sure it is not bent or broken. If their needle is damaged, use a leather or denim needle.

When they are ready to sew hook and loop tape to fabric, they may find it difficult to keep the fastening in place while operating their sewing machine correctly.

To prevent the hook and loop tape from slipping during the first stitch, use a few small pins to secure it to the fabric so the fastener doesn’t bend or sew improperly.

Using high-quality hook and loop tape is the first step in incorporating this type of fastener into their sewing projects. Find the best hook and loop tape at TRAMIGO today.

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