Receipts & Returns Launches AI-Based Shopping Companion with Receipt, Returns, and Receipt Management Tools

Entire families can manage their shopping lists, receipts, and returns, as well as tap into powerful price comparison tools with this innovative new app

Receipts & Returns has launched their AI-based digital shopping companion. This all-new digital receipt management and shopping app has made its official debut on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Receipts & Returns rivals the tradition of keeping paper receipts with a seamless, convenient, all-in-one app that lets users scan and upload their receipts. The app automatically organizes receipts and reads line by line to provide cost analysis and comparison with other stores. When a user is ready to shop for a specific item again, they can simply search for the item and find the best deal.

Beyond receipts, the app manages returns. Users can search for a specific item to find return information that was listed on the receipt and see how many days are left until their return window expires. Receipts can be shared with family members and friends, allowing them to leverage returns. This feature is especially useful for gift items. Another critical feature is the ability to lock receipts, which makes it possible for users to choose which receipts they share.

Receipts & Returns also gives families the ability to share their shopping lists in real-time while providing cost-comparisons, making this the ultimate receipt, returns, and receipt management app for the entire family.

The beauty of Receipts & Returns is that it leverages AI technology in the palms of its users’ hands, making receipt management and grocery shopping easier than ever. Users no longer have to worry about shuffling through piles of faded receipts. They simply upload their receipts to the app, and Receipts & Returns does the rest. The app is easy to use and designed to make shopping and returns simple.

The Receipts & Returns app is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. More information can be found at


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