Empowering Black Womxn: E-616 Consulting Creates Powerful Self-Help Through Fandom

 In a world of self-help often dominated by generic advice, E-616 Consulting emerges as a beacon of empowerment, focusing on a community that has long been overlooked—Black womxn nerds, or “Blerd girls”. Founded by Liz Gilliam, E-616 Consulting navigates the intersections of self-care and self-love through fandom and popular culture, offering Black womxn a unique space for growth and authenticity.

At its core, E-616 Consulting helps Black womxn navigate life’s transitions with clarity and confidence through the power of Fandom. In Liz’s words, “We embrace the things they already love to remind them to love themselves.” The company is dedicated to creating a supportive environment, acknowledging the unique challenges and triumphs of Black womxn between the ages of 27-45.

E-616 Consulting is not just about self-help; it’s about creating a sense of belonging. As Liz puts it, “We help Black womxn get back to themselves after giving so much to everyone else.” The focus on fandom as a framework sets E-616 Consulting apart from competitors in the self-help industry, engaging popular culture as a framework that can easily be applied to the client’s life. The company’s approach is unapologetically centered on Black womxn, providing a safe space for them to show up fully without judgment or discrimination.

Liz Gilliam, the founder, shares her superhero origin story, stating, “In academia, I researched and wanted to aid Black students at every turn. This desire was met with resistance at every turn, until I started to second guess myself. After feeling unheard, undervalued, and silenced – I left academia to focus on supporting Black women who once had big dreams that were also quieted by naysayers.”

Beyond her role as a founder, Liz leads a multifaceted life. She serves as a reentry specialist at a local nonprofit working with individuals with felony convictions. A Marvel enthusiast, a wife, a mom, and a cat parent to Buttons and Bernie Mac, Jr., Liz shares these aspects of her life to relate to the community she serves.

E-616 Consulting has garnered attention and support from a growing community. With hundreds of highly engaged social media followers and a podcast reaching 500 listeners in under six months without advertising, the company is making significant strides in a meaningful way to its community. 

The heart of E-616 Consulting lies in its dedication. Liz emphasizes, “We offer Black women a space, free of the white gaze and free of the male gaze, where we can be authentic in our pain as well as our freedom.”

Looking toward the future, E-616 Consulting envisions hosting a convention where Black women can come dressed in cosplay, embracing their full selves while working on personal growth in community. Liz articulates this ambitious goal, saying, “We exist in the duality of the good and the bad, and we can do the hard work while we have fun.”

Unique in its mission, E-616 Consulting has a modest yet powerful aspiration—”We’re not trying to be as big as Oprah or anyone else. We just want to help the Black women that need us, that see us. And make enough money to hire all the homies ;)” 

For more information on E-616 Consulting and to explore their offerings, visit www.e616consulting.com

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