Hydrangea Lantern Dance Designated as First Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage in Shandong Province

Hydrangea Lantern Dance, is the first batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage list project in Shandong Province, which was initially appeared in Guanzhuang of Zhu’e Town of Qihe County of Shangdong Province. It has been more than 300 years since its passing down till this day.

At the early years of Qing Emperor Kangxi, Xu Dongwen, who was a hang up festoons artist in Guanzhuang. It was the first time that he equipped rotors in the hydrangea and inserted the candle on the rotors to guide the youth to give performance in Shehuo. In performing, no matter how the hydrangea is waved, the candle light is always upward, which is really amazing.

After several generations of innovative development, multiple dance movements and wushu routines were added in marching and showing acrobatic skills. The performance is vigorous and powerful, full of masculinity. And in performing, the “placing word” dance style was designed, becoming the famous hydrangea lantern dance.

With its long history, clear veins and unique modeling performance, the Hydrangea Lantern Dance is renowned in folk dance circle. As this dance can be performed in various festival activities and integrated with dragon dance and stilts, showing its universality of popularity, expressing people’s longing for good life, also meeting people’s mental needs for folk art,which is favored by the masses, so its artistic feature of its comprehensiveness is formed.

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