Anas Almaletti, a Successful Entrepreneur and Business Consultant for Burgeoning Franchises, Advises Entrepreneurs To View Challenges As Opportunities for Growth

In 2014, armed with an MBA from Syracuse University and years of experience working in the wireless industry, Anas Almaletti set out to expand his father’s cell phone repair shop. “It took us 15 years of perseverance to achieve what seemed like overnight success,” says Almaletti, CEO of Cell Phones for Less (CP4L), an authorized Cricket Wireless retailer.

Almaletti grew up in Madaba, Jordan, where he “became an entrepreneur by necessity.” After arriving in the United States, he overcame educational hurdles, many linked to the language barrier. “Instead of being overwhelmed by challenges, I looked at obstacles as my trump card and channeled those feelings into a competitive advantage,” he says.

By 2017, Almaletti slowly added CP4L locations and expanded into new markets such as Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester. Now with 50 locations, Almaletti advises fellow retailers to prioritize key performance indicators, such as profitability per phone, product placement, inventory management, and compensation structures, to great success.

Power Player

Passionate about business metrics, management, entrepreneurship, and leadership, Almaletti has cultivated a business intelligence structure, reporting platform and supply chain management system that yields quick, tangible rewards for CP4L. Now, he uses these lessons he’s learned along the way to help fellow entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, Almaletti likens retail ownership to dedicated physicians continuously assessing the health and profitability of their thriving enterprises. He suggests that designing a system with faults isn’t detrimental to success, provided one is committed to rigorous testing, frequent modification, and efficient execution. Because employees execute business plans and interface with the public, he also stresses the importance of prioritizing employee need.

”Honoring this core value has been vital to our culture,” Almaletti says. Getting analytical by taking the organization’s pulse daily, even hourly, is of the utmost importance to Almaletti. “What more can I do to move the needle?” he asks.

Since CP4L was named a Top Place to Work in 2023 and a Top Performer in the prepaid wireless industry space in 2022, Almaletti plans to share everything he knows with future clients.

“Our growth resulted from careful calculations and a strategy to grow where planted. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many people go from one state to another quickly without building a presence, which resulted in failure,” says Almaletti, named a Top 20 Dynamic CEO in 2021 by The CEO Publication. “I want to help fellow retailers realize their full potential.”

Cricket Wireless is a registered trademark.

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