Revolutionizing Road Communication: Introducing the SORRY THANKS Car Sign San Gabriel


In a world where road safety and courteous communication are paramount, the SORRY THANKS LED Car Sign emerges as a pioneering solution, aiming to transform driver-to-driver interactions on the road. 

This innovative LED car sign system is designed to promote empathy, understanding, and polite communication among motorists. The SORRY THANKS Car Sign introduces a unique platform for drivers to convey simple, yet impactful messages instantly.

At the heart of this groundbreaking technology lies a vision to enhance road safety while fostering a culture of mutual respect and kindness on our streets. The SORRY THANKS Car Sign acts as a versatile tool, enabling drivers to communicate expressions of gratitude, apologies, or simple messages with ease and safety. 

Key features of the SORRY THANKS LED Car Sign include:

– User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive simple controls allow for seamless message selection between 2 words SORRY and THANKS ensuring effortless communication on the go, make it less than a distraction but a tools to convey apology and gratitude .

– High Visibility LEDs: The sign boasts high-quality LEDs, guaranteeing clear visibility both day and night for optimal communication effectiveness.

This Kickstarter project seeks to redefine how drivers interact on the road, emphasizing the importance of courteous communication and its role in overall road safety. The team behind the SORRY THANKS LED Car Sign is passionate about creating a positive impact by encouraging empathy and understanding among motorists.


“Our mission is to transform the way drivers communicate on the road. We believe that simple gestures like saying ‘sorry’ or ‘thanks’ can significantly improve the driving experience and contribute to safer roads for everyone,” says Jhon, the founder of the SORRY THANKS LED Car Sign project. 

The Kickstarter campaign for the SORRY THANKS LED Car Sign will live on Christmas day 12/25/2023, inviting supporters to join this movement towards more considerate and safer road interactions. Get the Early bird reward that only have limited amount of the STCS.

Backers can contribute to this innovative project and be among the first to experience the positive changes it promises to bring to the roads.

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