Noah Cosmetics’ ‘27.5 Therapy’ Gains Attention in the International Natural Cosmetics Market

Reveals Dual-Functionality Products for Wrinkle Improvement and Whitening, Containing Hydrolyzed Spicule.

Noah Cosmetics’ natural ingredient cosmetic brand ‘27.5 Therapy’ is garnering significant attention in the international market. The company, engaged in OEM and ODM cosmetic business, is expanding its reach in the global aesthetic market with reasonably priced, high-quality products.

Marking its 23rd year in South Korea’s aesthetic market, Noah Cosmetics develops and distributes a wide range of effective aesthetic cosmetics and beauty devices through in-house development and collaborative research. Notably, its products are currently exported to 16 countries including Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Noah Cosmetics offers a diverse range of products, each tailored to different skin types and conditions, and continuously strives to create universally acclaimed products.

Post-COVID-19, there has been an increased societal interest in natural ingredients, and the trend towards natural ingredient cosmetics is rising both domestically and internationally. Noah Cosmetics’ products, particularly the ‘27.5 Therapy’ line, have been recognized for their uniqueness and distinction from competitors’ offerings by domestic and international buyers.

The ‘27.5 Therapy’ line includes products with dual functionality for wrinkle improvement and whitening, featuring the 27.5 Day Cream, Pure Vitamin C Ampoule (27.5 Day Ampoule), and Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule. The brand’s name signifies its aim to match the protein content of a healthy dermis (27.5%) and to support faster recovery than the 28-day turnover cycle of skin in the 20s.

The 27.5 Day Cream is distinguished from regular creams, which are easily washed away by water or sweat. It contains hydrolyzed sponge (spicule), a natural, needle-like ingredient that helps penetrate nutrients deep into the skin.

Noah Cosmetics explained that the cream’s high-purity natural micro-needles offer a unique physiological skin regeneration, effectively improving lifting and fine wrinkles without causing epidermal damage, unlike conventional peeling.

The products have received warm responses and high praise in the U.S., Southeast Asia, and UAE markets, being recognized as trendy and continually loved since their launch.

Following its selection as the top Beauty Brand (Aesthetic) at the 2018 Korea Customer Satisfaction Brand Awards, Noah Cosmetics has been passionately expanding its presence in both domestic and international aesthetic markets.

A representative from Noah Cosmetics stated, “We will continuously strive to understand the domestic and international markets and develop products that meet the needs and desires of consumers.”

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