Top Entertainment Media Limited Expected to Provide 10 Million Jobs Globally for the Unemployed by 2025 Following the Pandemic

On December 18th, Top Entertainment Media Limited (referred to as TOP), a rising global media platform, announced its commitment to tackle the unemployment crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. After achieving significant value and a luxurious growth space, TOP has already helped solve employment issues for millions. The company is now taking active social responsibility by expanding into global markets and boosting performance. By 2025, TOP aims to assist 10 million unemployed individuals worldwide in regaining employment, further promoting the financial and economic development of global regions and bringing prosperity to humanity.

Unlike traditional media platforms, TOP offers everyone an opportunity-filled, open space. Innovatively utilizing blockchain’s decentralized technology, it brings creators and audiences together. Using advertisers’ ad revenues invested on the platform, TOP ensures fair and compliant returns for the platform, advertisers, content creators, and viewers, fostering a dynamic and positive interaction.

TOP’s novel approach is promising. With the proliferation of smartphones and broadband networks, the demand for video content continues to rise. Market forecasts suggest that global digital advertising spending will continue to grow, especially in mobile advertising. By offering precise ad placements and personalized marketing solutions, TOP expects to attract more advertisers, gradually increasing its market share.

TOP’s innovative approach delivers high traffic value to advertisers. It has evolved beyond merely selling traffic to advertisers, offering a full-fledged marketing ecosystem. This ensures customer acquisition effectiveness while increasing efficiency. TOP provides advertisers with over 40 intelligent efficiency tools, as well as solutions for creative production, user matching, and conversion assurance, guaranteeing customer acquisition results. Currently, TOP has collaborated with over 24% of the Top 100 advertisers.

For content creators, TOP offers unparalleled respect compared to other platforms. Unlike traditional media that accumulate vast wealth but offer minimal returns to creators, TOP acknowledges that creators’ content is what attracts users and advertisers. Leveraging blockchain technology, TOP has developed a unique revenue distribution system to encourage creators to continuously produce high-quality content in their niche areas, leveraging long-tail traffic and capturing long-term advertising revenue.

TOP’s emergence has showcased the shared value of the digital society, gaining high recognition and widespread dissemination from peers, society, and media. It is becoming increasingly popular globally. As TOP expands, it does not forget to give back to society, helping 10 million unemployed individuals worldwide regain employment, actively fulfilling its social responsibility and making a significant contribution to global economic cooperation and development.

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