Intriguing Military Adventure Unveiled in ‘Gunner in the Sky: Book 22’

The much-expected installment in George G. Pinneo’s stable has come to fruition. George delivers another thrilling tech military story in this book laden with high-octane aerial military combat. Gunner in the Sky: Book 22 takes readers into a heart-racing battle in the sky.

The book tells the story of a US Army Signal Corps Captain, Capt. Greg Mordant, who is deployed to the historical location of Gibraltar to safeguard Predator and Reaper remotely-piloted aerial vehicles from Russian high-frequency jamming. Set against the background of the US-Soviet Union Cold War era, an attempt to assassinate him is made as someone had sent both an assassin and a Spetsnaz team after him and his military team. He fends off the assassination ploys with the help of RAF security and a Navy Seal Team.

He was promoted to Major instead of getting a medal of honor for being part of neutralizing the attacks. Captain Greg’s involvement in building state-of-the-art military technological equipment that would help locate hostiles from the air before they could ambush US soldiers is kept under wraps. George demonstrated through Capt. Mordant how soldiers can now remotely neutralize hostilities silently from the air at military bases.

Gunner in the Sky is an adrenaline-pumping book that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The narration is expertly done and well-detailed to acquiesce readers with some of the happenings in aerial combats.

The author dedicates the book to unsung heroes of the skies whose resilience and bravery shaped remarkable moments in history.

As the book unfolds, the tension and intensity thicken as Captain Greg embarks on a daring and dangerous mission that depends much on his piloting skills to overcome his intimidating adversaries. Readers will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they walk every bit of the daunting walk with Captain Mordant.

The book has raked in glowing acclaim from readers for its immersive storytelling and well-detailed depiction of aerial battle. George’s book promises to be relatable to non-pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It is a book that makes readers relate to the losses and victories of aerial combatants.

Available on Amazon, Gunner in the Sky: Book 22 takes readers on a breathtaking ride into the intricacies of aerial combats and the indomitable spirits behind the combatants.

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