Renowned Children’s Author Chris Mc Ardle Releases New Collection of Enchanting Books

Renowned Children's Author Chris Mc Ardle Releases New Collection of Enchanting Books

New York – 21 Dec, 2023 – Chris Mc Ardle, the acclaimed author behind a series of beloved children’s books, has unveiled his latest collection, promising young readers and their families a new array of enchanting adventures and heartwarming stories.

Diverse and Captivating: Chris Mc Ardle’s New Collection

With a passion for igniting young imaginations, Mc Ardle’s new collection explores diverse themes and characters, inviting children to embark on captivating journeys filled with valuable life lessons.

1. “The Scary Forest Path” – A Red Riding Hood Adventure

In “The Scary Forest Path,” Mc Ardle offers a fresh and imaginative take on the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” story. Readers follow our hero through a mysterious forest, where he meets various colorful characters. This delightful tale teaches kindness, compassion, and the importance of listening to parental advice while delivering a surprise twist and a valuable lesson about talking to strangers.

2. “The Honey Bee Chase” – An Environmental Adventure

The Honey Bee Chase” marks the beginning of “The Environment Chase” series. In this delightful book, our hero embarks on a journey in the park, only to find himself chased by a determined little bee. The story not only entertains but also educates children about honey bees’ vital role in our ecosystem. It offers suggestions on how readers can contribute to the planet’s health, making it an ideal choice for parents and educators passionate about environmental awareness.

3. “Hide and Seek” – A Tale of Sibling Playfulness

Hide and Seek” is a heartwarming story of sibling love and playful rivalry. Brother and sister engage in a game of hide and seek with a twist. The narrative builds anticipation and tension, resulting in a surprise ending where the little sister outsmarts her older brother to become the new hide-and-seek champion. This book is ideal for families looking to enjoy a story that resonates with both children and adults.

4. “The Evil Witch” – Christopher’s Imagination Series Book 2

In “The Evil Witch,” part of the “Christopher’s Imagination” series, Mc Ardle challenges his young readers to confront their fears alongside the Great Hero of Good, Christopher. As Christopher ventures into the Forest of Darkeyes, he must confront an evil witch terrorizing the Queendom of Gortroedom. The story encourages children to be brave and strong and face their inner fears while providing a twist that adds a delightful element of surprise.

5. “The Bull Chase” – The Countryside Chase Series Book 1

Mc Ardle’s “The Countryside Chase” series kicks off with “The Bull Chase,” an exciting adventure where our hero, Christopher, finds himself pursued by an angry bull in the lush Irish countryside. Through humor and thrilling escapades, this book offers a fun-filled chase that is sure to please readers of all ages.

6. “Tap Tap: Girls/Boy Edition” – A Relaxing Journey with Tap Tap the Fairy

Tap Tap: Girls/Boy Edition” offers a relaxing and rhyming story for children, demonstrating how they can enter a state of deep relaxation by progressively relaxing each body part. Nanny Catherine calls upon Tap Tap, the little Fairy of Relaxation, to help her granddaughter Cayce relax into a dreamy state. This book is an ideal bedtime companion, helping children find peace and relaxation in a hectic world.

About Chris Mc Ardle

Chris Mc Ardle is a celebrated author and illustrator dedicated to enriching the lives of young readers through imaginative storytelling and captivating illustrations. His books have become cherished classics in children’s literature, known for their ability to entertain, educate, and inspire.

Author Name: Chris Mc Ardle
Book: The Scary Forest Path
ISBN Number: 978-1700194688
Book: The Honey Bee Chase
ISBN Number: 978-1709653025
Book: The Evil Witch
ISBN Number: 979-8627038797
Book: The Bull Chase
ISBN Number: ‎978-1700622136

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