The difference between COB LED and traditional LED

In actuality, cob lighting—also known as chip-on-board—is a kind of LED lighting that produces a consistent, gentle, low-glare light source. In addition to the bracket and the use of distinct light source areas, the fundamental difference between COB and LED lamps and their exceptional performance when compared to standard LED lamps is the employment of different chips. Their distinctions are listed below:

1. Chip. In order to disperse the heat dissipation of the chips, provide high efficiency, prevent high glare, and achieve higher luminous flux density, the COB light source directly binds and packages N chips on the entire substrate. The light emitted is natural, soft, and equally dispersed.

2. While the LED integrated light source directly employs more than 1 watt of large-scale high-power LED chips, the COB light source primarily uses less than 1 watt of low-power LED chips due to multi-chip integration utilizes a general LED integrated light source, with only 10W, 100W, and 500W common brackets available. The material is copper-based, and the bracket can view two to three side feet; The scaffolding utilized by COB light sources come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from big squares to tiny rectangles and ovals. The size and form of the bracket can be chosen based on the functional requirements and the overall aesthetic appeal of the design. Cob lamp brackets are made of ceramic, copper, and aluminum and typically do not require an edge foot.

3. Use the domain. Because COB light sources are made of many small power chips packaged in a package, they are safe, dependable, and environmentally friendly. They also have excellent color effects and uniform lighting, which makes them ideal for use in COB spotlights, track lights, fluorescent lights, ceiling lights, and other COB indoor lights. LED integrated light sources are more powerful, with a single maximum wattage of 500W, making them more useful for making LED projectors, LED street lamps, and other large indoor and outdoor lamps.

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