MIMIC will be listed on Hotcoin Exchange and XT.COM Exchange at the same time on December 27th

December 27th is an extraordinary day for MIMIC

MIMIC will be listed on Hotcoin Exchange and XT.COM Exchange at the same time on December 27.

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After a long period of incubation, MIMIC will eventually be released globally, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of MIMIC’s added value!

The birth of Black Cat MIMIC

1. MIMIC SHANS is an NFT project based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of NFTs created by Korean artist shhans by hand-drawing the image of a black cat. The Black Cat Emoticon Pack NFT was released through Opensea in early 2022. The initial price is equivalent to free. Each NFT is unique. It is also a public domain CCO project, which means that any fan who purchases the NFT image can be used for commercial purposes. Or create a second creation.

2. MIMIC NFT was unknown in the early days. After being discovered by a Taiwanese celebrity and KOL, it became popular in the Chinese-speaking circle; it also formed a strong purchasing power in the Chinese community, reaching more than 300 ETH transaction volume in a short period of time. As of now, OPENSEA has about 2,300 holders. After the popularity of Black Cat NFT, early community holders began to think about the future development of the Black Cat MIMIC  community.

The birth of the Black Cat token MIMIC COIN

1. Black Cat Token was jointly initiated by the early evangelists of MIMIC avatars, with the purpose of motivating more fans to participate in Black Cat’s community building through the incentive mechanism of MIMIC tokens.

2.  Black Cat Tokens: Total issuance: 1,000 trillion

Public chain issuance: ERC2.0 and BSC2.0 are issued simultaneously

3. Token distribution plan

Add pot: 30% Market value management: 20% NFT community airdrop: 20% Fan community donation: 30% Community donation: 30% (300 trillion pieces) Donation will be carried out in 6 rounds, each round of donation time is One month, undonated chips will be destroyed!

4.  Community building: 20% distribution plan:

Airdrop to 2,290 NFT holders: 5% Reward for opening Black Cat Club: 5% Official community fans attract 200,000 users: 5% Airdrop to global crypto circle big V: 2% Create Black Cat metaverse ecology: 3%.

Highlights of Three Black Cat Coins

01. In 2023, Frog PEPE’s popularity caused the PEPE currency to skyrocket, creating a 300,000 times wealth miracle;

02. The current black cat MIMIC emoticon pack is also very popular in the Chinese Internet celebrity circle. There are many secondary creations of black cat avatars and emoticon packs on major media platforms on the Internet. It is a real out-of-circle WEB3 project.

03. MIMIC emoticon package NFT has become one of the rare projects that bucked the trend in the bear market, and its trading volume continues to soar!

04. MIMIC emoticon package has become a popular social card on Twitter. If you replace it with a cat avatar, you can gain followers!

05. Many well-known big Vs in the crypto circle like the interactive cat community, which has high recognition and popularity!

06. MIMIC fans are mainly enthusiasts rather than speculators, and have a strong consensus basis!

07. There are many Internet celebrities in the MIMIC community who spontaneously promote it, truly embodying decentralization!

08. A large number of fans create spontaneous emoticons and animations, continuing to enrich and expand Black Cat’s IP ecosystem!

09. The blockchain developer team joins in building the Black Cat meta-asset trading ecosystem and increasing the application scenarios of Black Cat tokens!

10. Various capitals and exchanges are paying attention to it, helping Black Cat Coin become the top MEME coin!

The above is the main introduction of MIMIC. If you want to know more, please join the official community.

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