Featured Expert, Troy Ragan, Launches New Retirement Documentary

Featured Expert, Troy Ragan, Launches New Retirement Documentary
The Retirement Deception: Uncovering The True Keys to A Happy Retirement

In the groundbreaking documentary, “The Retirement Deception,” featured expert Troy Ragan uncovers the true keys to funding a successful and happy retirement. This film, created by best-selling authors and filmmakers Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, embarks on an 18,000-mile journey to delve into the stories of real retirees who have conquered retirement and are living with complete peace of mind.

Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, in their quest for answers, interviewed numerous retirees across the country, asking this pivotal question: What truly constitutes a successful retirement? The answer to this question might surprise the viewers. Is happiness found in building substantial savings, achieving a high return on investments, or something more profound?

The film presents a counter-argument to Wall Street’s often-peddled narrative on retirement happiness, offering a fresh and realistic perspective on financial security and peace of mind. This documentary presents an eye-opening truth about retirement success, showing that it’s attainable even without a millionaire’s budget.

“The Retirement Deception” delves into the strategies real Americans have employed to retire triumphantly, despite the risks of inflation, market losses, taxes, and longevity. It’s a story of hope and practical wisdom, showing that a successful retirement is within reach of all hard-working individuals.

For a glimpse into these life-altering revelations, and to discover how you can retire with unshaken peace of mind despite economic uncertainty, watch the film’s trailer at retirementdeception.com

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