Dadaism Pushes Back on Traditional Art and Embraces AI in the Dada Kidnapper’s Manifesto by 392

392 is a global decentralized art collective that has published a daring art manifesto containing the declaration of the principles.

392, a decentralized art collective, has published “The Dada Kidnapper’s Manifesto,” a daring proclamation of war against artistic conventions and ideals. The group, known for its unsettlingly authentic interpretation of Dadaism, combines the chaos of Dadaism with the unhinged genius of AI art, setting the stage to plunge Earth into the sun with the power of artistic creation alone.

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Talking about the Manifesto, Lynn Cole, the self-proclaimed High Priestess of Dada, said, “I think of it as an act of premeditated intentional disobedience. They’ve boldly embraced repression and censorship. We’re boldly embracing the freedom to create.”

“The Dada Kidnapper’s Manifesto” transcends the ordinary with a radical, forward-looking embrace of AI as both an art form and a creative tool.

The document challenges the core of traditional art, rejecting established practices, ethics, and self-seriousness while getting back to the basics of what it means to be an artist. Lynn emphasizes, “We’ve invited AI to the fight we’ve been fighting for the last century. Not solely as a tool but as a co-conspirator.”

This moment arises from the art world’s recent reimagining of terms like “original art,” “copying,” “plagiarism,” and other core terminology that go well beyond accepted consensus definitions. This new regime takes aim at appropriation art broadly and affects the practices of all artists across mediums.

“What’s under threat is your right to create something without liability. 392 had to put its foot down. There’s been no conversation. Nobody asked if we wanted a radical, exclusionary new mindset from the art world or for the vile, bigoted, anti-human hate speech they’re using to promote these ideas. They’re saying, ‘It’s our way or the highway,’ and our response is more like, ‘Wait, who are you again?’ The answer is the same as it’s always been when the art world steps out of line. Unceasing merciless absurdity,” added Cole. 

The manifesto is a rallying cry for disenfranchised artists of every medium. It beckons artists and non-artists alike to embrace the transformative power of AI, pushing the boundaries of what can and should be considered art in this brave new post-aesthetic era. 

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