Dr. Gregory A. Rogers Begins His Literary Journey with a Captivating Saga of Medieval Drama and Adventure


NEW YORK, NY – December 26th, 2023 – Renowned for his gripping narratives, Dr. Gregory A. Rogers, a seasoned author and former senior flight surgeon for the U.S. Air Force and NASA, announces the success of his latest novel, “By Sword and Blood: Book One.” This book, along with Dr. Rogers’ earlier acclaimed works “Impact” and “The Case for God,” marks another milestone in his distinguished writing career. This series, known by the acronym of BSAB, will entirely rival other renowned epics of this era.

About the Book:

“By Sword and Blood” transports readers to the heart of the European Middle Ages. This sweeping saga begins in medieval Saxony, but ranges distantly to Denmark, Norway and East Frankia as well. The year 919 was one of turbulent politics, ranging Viking raiders and seething warfare. Yet it was also a time of great warriors, grand schemers, and the intimate sharing of love. Loyalty, treachery, the highest of deeds, and the lowest of despicable betrayals are all present within these tense pages. It was a time when Christian missionaries confronted Norse seers, as beliefs and convictions were sorely tested within the lives of sundry peoples and cultures. Enter BSAB and discover the illustrious quests of the past!

Dr. Gregory A. Rogers – A Man of Many Talents:

Dr. Rogers’ journey as an author is as fascinating as his novels. His extensive background as a senior flight surgeon included work with the U.S. Air Force, but also NASA, performing space shuttle support duties at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. His military travels to four continents and a three-year assignment to Central Europe deeply influenced his writing. His works not only entertain but also educate, offering insights into the complex tapestry of human strife, opposing values and widely differing philosophies.

Success and Impact:

Since its release, “By Sword and Blood: Book One” has garnered acclaim from both readers and critics. He has been praised for his rich characters, intense storytelling and historical accuracy. Available on Amazon Kindle, online booksellers, and the author’s website, the book has already reached a wide audience, resonating with fans of historical fiction and gallant adventure.

The “By Sword and Blood” Series – An Expanding Saga:

Dr. Rogers is not resting on his laurels with just one successful novel. He is already working on expanding the “By Sword and Blood” series. The upcoming titles include, “By Sword And Blood, Book Two: VENGEANCE!”; “By Sword And Blood, Book Three: FIREBRAND!”; and “By Sword And Blood, Book Four: TRIBULATION!” These promise to follow our characters on a captivating journey through medieval times, enthralling readers with tales of true valor and personal perseverance.

Engaging a Global Audience:

Dr. Rogers’ novels not only entertain but have sparked a renewed interest in medieval history among his readers. His ability to blend historical facts with exciting fiction creates an immersive reading experience that transports readers back in time. The Europe of today was built upon the deeds of yesteryear!

An Author’s Vision:

Dr. Rogers aims to bridge the gap between the past and present through his novels. He believes in the power of storytelling to enlighten and inspire, using his unique perspective to delve into themes of human struggle, triumph, and the enduring spirit of adventure. He has witnessed the burgeoning spirit among the people of widespread civilizations. Despite their differences, all people share common traits!

Upcoming Engagements and Events:

To celebrate the ongoing success of his work, Dr. Rogers plans to host a series of book readings and signings across various locations in the United States. These events will offer fans an opportunity to interact with the author and delve deeper into the rich world he has created.

Inspiration Behind the Novel:

Dr. Rogers’ inspiration for “By Sword and Blood: Book One” stems from his deep appreciation of the medieval era. His time in Europe, coupled with his passion for history and storytelling, has culminated in this compelling series.

A Legacy in Literature:

With “By Sword and Blood: Book One” and his earlier works, Dr. Rogers has established himself as a significant voice in historical fiction. His novels are more than just tales; they are a testament to his dedication to exploring the depths of human history and its relevance today.

Looking Ahead:

Dr. Rogers continues to be a prolific writer, with plans to further explore historical themes in future works. His commitment to bringing history to life through his novels has made him a beloved author among fans of historical fiction.

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