ZTE Security Measures: Understanding ZTE’s 2023-2024 Export Control Compliance Policy

Over the past few decades, ZTE has served as a leading global communication technology enterprise with its ZTE security solutions. As a leader in this industry, ZTE is responsible for adhering to regulations when it comes to international trade. One such regulation involves export control, which is legislation that effectively regulates the export of technology and goods. Export control is a crucial aspect of international trade, which is why ZTE is committed to adhering to these regulations.

ZTE Security in the Global Landscape

The tech industry undergoes rapid advancements continually. While these advancements help drive the industry forward, they also create challenges regarding security that the entire industry must consider.

Many of these challenges center around export controls, which are regulations that governments implement to control how technical data, technology, and technical assistance are shared between countries, entities, or persons. Along with promoting foreign policy objectives, these controls also protect national security interests. ZTE’s compliance policy directly responds to the challenges posed by these regulations.

ZTE Security Measures through Export Control Compliance

The 2023-2024 Export Control Compliance policy includes many important updates that help to bolster security in numerous areas. ZTE believes that compliance with the latest regulations helps protect and create value. They believe that export compliance is the responsibility of everyone. The Export Control Compliance Department and BU Compliance Team put forth the latest policy updates. Some key components of this announcement include: 

1. Full-time and contract employees need to complete a certification about the latest compliance.

2. ZTE won’t conduct business with parties that are located in areas with comprehensive territorial sanctions, which include countries like Cuba, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

3. All employees must understand how export control regulations apply to their work.

Management Commitment to Compliance with Export Control Laws

ZTE has a company-wide policy to always comply with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to export control as well as any economic sanctions that have been placed on other countries. All employees, business teams, and contract employees are expected to follow these laws, which is a commitment made by management at ZTE.

Export control regulations and laws involve the European Union, the U.S., China, and other countries. For example, ZTE makes products that incorporate U.S. contents and are 100% controlled by the U.S. export control regulations. If they make shipments through Hong Kong, they know that these shipments must comply with the Import and Export Regulations that Hong Kong maintains.

ZTE is also wholly committed to taking additional steps regarding an export compliance risk basis, which will ensure that all transactions performed by ZTE are in full compliance with export control laws. The 2023-2024 Export Control Compliance Policy is fully supported by the Board of Directors as well as the Export Compliance Committee at ZTE.

Policy Requirements

There are many components within the latest Export Control Compliance Policy. For example, every employee and contract employee needs to complete certification about complying with this policy. They must also comply with economic sanction laws and all applicable export control regulations.

This document states that employees need to provide complete, timely, and accurate information about compliance to the BU Compliance Team, the SCC, and the ECC. When employees are aware that misleading or inaccurate information has been given to the compliance team, they must correct this information.

Every employee who works at ZTE needs to have a comprehensive understanding of how export control regulations and laws apply to their work, which means that they must also take part in compliance training and report any compliance violations or issues they encounter. These are some of the main points discussed in the Export Control Compliance Policy.

The Impact of Compliance on ZTE Security and International Relations

By strictly adhering to export control regulations, ZTE’s standing in the international market is strengthened. ZTE entered into a joint settlement agreement in 2017 with the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security, which indicated that they would cooperate entirely with a special compliance coordinator appointed by the BIS.

While this monitoring ended in March 2022, ZTE fully satisfied the agreement’s requirements. ZTE also set its own goal of self-motivation and of creating a world-class program for export compliance that’s based entirely on industry best practices. ZTE security is enhanced by their consistent dedication to complying with industry regulations.

The updates to ZTE’s Export Control Compliance policy help bolster ZTE security and provide the international market with more confidence that they can continue working closely with ZTE to advance the tech industry further. ZTE expects their partners and everyone who works for them always to follow these regulations. 

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