Welcome Saudi’s Ultimate Guide to Riyadh Season 2023 – 2024

Riyadh Season 2023, themed ‘Big Time’ is offering diverse zones, celebrity-studded events, and a rich cultural experience, all aligned with the Vision 2030 initiative, making it a key component of Saudi Arabia’s tourism strategy.

Riyadh, the vibrant capital city of Saudi Arabia, is once again playing host to the spectacular Riyadh Season 2023, themed ‘Big Time.’ In its initial weeks, the event has already dazzled an impressive 2 million visitors, and organizers are ambitiously aiming for a total attendance of 10-12 million, including a significant international audience. Running from October 28th, 2023, to April 2024, this edition of Riyadh Season promises to be a grand celebration, featuring an array of diverse zones that cater to a broad spectrum of interests.

The heart of Riyadh Season 2023 lies in its 12 distinct zones, each offering a unique experience. From the enchanting Boulevard City to the top-tier entertainment area of Boulevard World, the charming blend of nature and sophistication in The Groves, and the magical experiences in Wonder Garden, the event caters to the varied interests of its visitors.

Notably, Boulevard City has tripled in size, making it one of the largest zones in Riyadh Season. It features the iconic Disney Castle for the first time in Saudi Arabia, in celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary. The House of Hype in Boulevard City also offers a cyberpunk adventure, immersing guests in a virtual reality world. The expanded Boulevard City, built in just 120 days, features gardens, dancing fountains, an entertainment hub, and a range of local and international restaurants.

Also, Boulevard World, a miniature world representing various international cultures, is a top-tier entertainment area for families and individuals seeking travel, exploration, and recreation. The groves offer a charming blend of nature and sophistication, celebrating international cultures, cuisines, and entertainment. VIA Riyadh, designed in the Salmani style, features the first five-star St Regis hotel in Saudi Arabia, along with exclusive boutiques and renowned international restaurants.

In addition, the Wonder Garden is a magical theme park divided into three zones, providing visitors with imaginative and whimsical experiences. Ramla Terraza, situated on the main King Fahd Road in Riyadh, offers a lifestyle destination with four upscale Riyadh restaurants, including the first five-star Fairmont Residences in Riyadh called Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences.

There is also the Kingdom Arena, built in an astonishing 60 days, which has become a beacon of entertainment and sporting events, accommodating 40,000 people. The Kingdom Arena’s skyboxes further offer a unique viewing experience, providing maximum comfort and privacy for up to 350 people.

Other zones like the Riyadh Food Truck Festival, Riyadh Zoo, ROSHN Front, Suwaidi Park, and Souq Al Awaleen contribute to the rich diversity of experiences Riyadh Season 2023 has to offer.

Riyadh Season began its inaugural run in 2019, attracting seven million visitors in its first edition. Since then, it has grown in scale and popularity, becoming one of the most anticipated events in the country. Aligned with the Vision 2030 initiative by the Saudi Tourism Authority, Riyadh Season is a key component of a strategic plan aimed at bolstering tourism in the country through a series of projects and events.

Riyadh Season boasts a star-studded lineup with celebrity guests like Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, whose headline-grabbing fights have lived up to the hype. The events calendar is also brimming with performances by globally renowned artists, promising an unforgettable experience for attendees.

For those eager to be part of the Riyadh Season festivities, tickets are available on Webook.com, starting at SAR 45 each. These tickets grant entry to Boulevard City activities, including World of Barbie, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and the haunted farm of Zeela House.

Additionally, three Riyadh Season zones — Riyadh Zoo, Suwaidi Park, and Souk Al-Awaleen — are currently free to visit, allowing visitors to explore and immerse themselves in the cultural richness of these attractions. 

Riyadh Season 2023 continues to set the bar exceptionally high in its cultural significance and entertainment value. Its ability to draw in millions of local and international visitors serves as a testament to the annual event’s popularity and significance. As the season progresses, attendees can look forward to an array of attractions and experiences that make this year’s Riyadh Season truly ‘Big Time.’

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