Welcome Saudi’s New Guide on the $500 Billion NEOM Giga Project in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM unveils a $500 billion giga project led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman which is set to transform urban living with a focus on sustainability, economic prosperity, and luxury.

NEOM, the ambitious $500 billion giga project, is set to transform the future of urban living in the region. Led by His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Chairperson of the NEOM Company Board of Directors, the project aims to create a sustainable, economically thriving, and luxurious environment. NEOM, derived from the fusion of ‘Neo,’ an ancient Greek prefix meaning ‘New,’ and ‘Mustaqbal,’ an Arabic word signifying ‘future,’ reflects Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s commitment to innovative solutions for the challenges facing urban life today.

Situated on the Red Sea coast in the northwest province of Tabuk, NEOM’s exceptional location with sun-drenched beaches, snow-capped mountains, and a dedication to preserving 95% of the natural landscape positions it strategically as a global trade hub. Covering an impressive 468km of pristine Red Sea coastline, NEOM is easily accessible to nearly 40% of the world’s population within a four-hour flight.

NEOM comprises eight remarkable projects:

1. Sindalah Island: Sindalah, NEOM’s premier manifestation, redefines luxury tourism on the Red Sea with advanced technology, sustainable design, and natural beauty. The island will feature a marina, yacht clubs, luxury retail outlets, and upscale hotels, positioning it as a year-round destination for yacht enthusiasts. Collaborating with JLS Yachts, MB92 group, and BURGESS, NEOM aims to establish Sindalah as a global yachting hotspot with luxury yacht services. The island also boasts a nine-hole beachfront golf course, sports club, and comprehensive wellness amenities, embodying NEOM’s commitment to sustainable tourism. Marriott International’s partnership with NEOM includes three upscale hotels, offering 400 premium rooms, 300 suites, a beach club, yacht club, and 38 restaurants. Upon completion, Sindalah Island will be a pinnacle of opulent and forward-thinking luxury tourism in Saudi Arabia.

2. THE LINE: A central facet of NEOM’s visionary project, this emerges as an unparalleled vertical city within northwest Saudi Arabia, stretching 170 kilometers and soaring to 500 meters in height. It boasts diverse landscapes, from red deserts to snow-capped mountains, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. Noteworthy for its vertical design, THE LINE is anticipated to facilitate efficient travel between modular communities for approximately 80,000 residents, eliminating the need to descend to ground level. However, its most distinctive feature lies in its commitment to sustainability, aiming to operate solely on renewable energy sources and becoming the world’s first city with a zero-carbon footprint.

3. Siranna: This ultra-luxurious retreat will feature a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive residences adorned with hexagonal pillars for uninterrupted Red Sea views. Designed by Woods Bagot, Siranna has a tiered architecture will ensure diverse perspectives for an exceptional viewing experience, integrating harmoniously with the surrounding mountains and flora. Resembling basalt column formations, these pillars will provide a contemporary and nature-aligned aesthetic, redefining luxury hospitality by merging marvels of nature with architectural brilliance. 

4. Leyja: Emphasizing eco-luxury and conservation, Leyja preserves 95% of its area for natural purposes and features three ‘Our Habitas’ brand hotels: Adventure, Oasis, and Wellness. These hotels, with 120 boutique rooms and suites, will cater to dynamic exploration, rocky oasis surroundings, and comprehensive wellness experiences, respectively. NEOM Leyja epitomizes the future of eco-tourism, offering a unique and unforgettable destination with a commitment to breathtaking landscapes and conservation.

5. Trojena: Located 50 km from the Gulf of Aqaba, it spans 60 sq km with elevations from 1,500 to 2,600 meters, offering a unique climate. Home to the first W Hotel in Saudi Arabia, Trojena aims to be a premier destination for global events, featuring an artificial freshwater lake and adventure sports hub. The TROJENA Snow Resort, NEOM’s first sub-zero destination, will offer year-round skiing and host the 2029 Asian Winter Games. The proposed 330-meter Discovery Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects symbolizes NEOM’s commitment to a unique legacy in Trojena.

6. Oxagon: This aims to be the world’s largest floating structure, facilitating 13% of global trade through the Suez Canal. Aligned with Vision 2030, OXAGON envisions a city powered entirely by clean energy, accommodating 90,000 residents and generating 70,000 jobs by 2030. Kerten Hospitality is set to open a house residence branded property with 200 serviced apartments in OXAGON by 2025. NEOM Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC) recently achieved a milestone by shipping 250 wind turbines to assemble the largest green hydrogen plant in OXAGON, showcasing its commitment to sustainability.

7. Epicon: This ultra-luxury destination will redefine living and vacationing with unmatched standards. The coastal location offers breathtaking views and an immersive experience amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. Epicon has architectural marvel includes two towers, reaching 225 meters and 275 meters, housing an ultra-premium 41-key hotel and upscale residences. The adjacent resort will feature 120 rooms and 45 beach villas, creating a haven of tranquility and luxury, blending opulence with serenity for an extraordinary escape.

8. Utamo: Nestled into mountainous surroundings, UTAMO blends nature’s beauty with advanced technology. Visitors are greeted by a garden promenade leading to a majestic 64m high entrance and grand hall. It will serve as an extraordinary event space, providing a unique stage for global artists to host entertainment events, exhibitions, and art activations that transform traditional experiences. This destination merges the natural allure of Saudi Arabia with cutting-edge design and technology, creating a space where art and architecture blend effortlessly to offer an unparalleled experience.

NEOM’s scale, ambition, and vision are awe-inspiring, marking a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative designs with a clear commitment to Arabian customs and hospitality. As the project unfolds, it is poised to become a global destination, setting new standards for future city planning and development.

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