Switzerland Beauty Company Skincode Makes Its Debut in the United States with Clean Beauty and Anti-Aging Products

Skincode offers clean beauty products crafted from natural ingredients to craft a versatile range of skincare and anti-aging creations scientifically formulated to crack the code for even the most sensitive skin.

Swiss beauty company Skincode has entered the American beauty market with its unique product line designed by international experts. From the biochemical research and list of ingredients to the dermatological outcomes, Skincode offers “everything your skin needs—and nothing it doesn’t.” 

The company’s founders, the royal family of Massalsky, trace Skincode’s heritage back to Switzerland’s pioneering research into the field of medical-grade skincare and cellular anti-aging therapy. Since its founding in 1998, the experts at Skincode have spent the ensuing 25 years perfecting the science of skincare, developing three innovative product collections to address all skin needs and personal preferences. Among those products, Skincode offers treatments in a wide variety of categories.

–  Cleansers and toners
–  Eye care
–  Hand, lip, and body
–  Masks and exfoliators
–  Moisturizers
–  Serums and face oils
–  UV protectors

“As leaders in Swiss dermatological research, we strive to develop high-performance, medical-grade formulas, which not only bring visible results but also assure extremely high skin tolerance,” Skincode founders said. “Health. Safety. Beauty.”


Skincode Essentials 

This advanced Swiss dermo-cosmetic skincare collection was formulated to satisfy everyone’s daily skincare needs, regardless of skin sensitivity level. Skincode Essentials provides targeted solutions for every specific skin concern.

Skincode Exclusive

Skincode Exclusive is a clinically tested collection utilizing the most advanced Swiss cellular anti-aging principles. This product line offers advanced, high-performance anti-aging skincare solutions that provide visibly younger-looking skin. 

Skincode Prestige 

Containing only two products, the Skin Renaissance Ampoule Treatment and Supreme Perfection Cashmere Cream, the Skincode Prestige collection is the pinnacle of innovative and luxurious Swiss skincare solutions for transformative cellular anti-aging. Targeting both skin issues and the senses, Skincode Prestige is the result of combining the latest scientific skincare research and decades of experience with ingredients, clean beauty, and luxury Swiss products.

Only What the Skin Needs

Skincode’s team understands how skin sensitivity is often triggered by increased allergies and irritation due to environmental pollution and chemicals, UV exposure, and demanding lifestyles. The scientifically proven results of Skincode’s various products stand as a testament to their effectiveness, though the company boasts numerous glowing customer reviews.

“Our products are a pure reflection of our strict principles and core value that luxury skincare should be both clean and deliver visible results,” company founders said.

Now Available In the USA

Skincode recently launched in the United States, with the debut of its Amazon store and the official US website. The company is excited to share its unique products, all of which meet the strictest Clean Beauty regulation standards, with American skincare aficionados. With decades of experience in every field of skincare, Skincode has indeed cracked the code on how to handle skin issues for everyone. 


Visit the company’s website to learn more about Skincode and its versatile lines of luxury Swiss beauty products. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram (skincodeus) to connect with the brand on social media.

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