Office2u Sponsors Malaysia’s First Anti-Scam Film “OPPA” to Raise Public Awareness of Cybersecurity

In the era of rapid information technology development, cyber fraud has become a global challenge, deeply impacting consumer safety and trust. As a renowned office furniture supplier in Malaysia, Office2u is keenly aware of the importance of maintaining customer trust in online transactions. In response to this challenge, Office2u has taken a significant step by sponsoring the anti-scam fim “OPPA”, a joint venture between the Royal Malaysian Police and Dream Film . This initiative not only demonstrates Office2u’s commitment to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities but also signifies a strong pledge to consumer trust.

Since its establishment in 2016, Office2u has made a mark in the competitive market with its innovative office furniture designs and sharp market insights. The company’s office furniture, particularly its customized open-plan workstation, has been recognized for its aesthetics and suitability for modern work environments. Beyond product innovation, Office2u has also shown a strong sense of corporate social responsibility by actively engaging in social causes.

With the rise of online shopping, the threat of cyber fraud has increasingly become part of everyday life. According to data from the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), an average of 115 people fall victim to cyber fraud daily in Malaysia. Acknowledging its responsibility to enhance public awareness, Office2u decided to sponsor the anti-scam fim “OPPA,” directed by renowned local director Denil Choong. Based on real cyber fraud cases in Malaysia, the film not only resonates with the pulse of the times but also highlights current societal issues. Through sponsoring such film projects, Office2u hopes to strengthen public awareness of cyber fraud and demonstrate its sense of duty as a corporate citizen.

The announcement of this film sponsorship sparked widespread discussion on social media, with audiences appreciating Office2u’s contribution to raising awareness about cybersecurity. In an interview, the founder of Office2u expressed the company’s ongoing commitment to participating in similar corporate social responsibilities to continuously drive societal progress and development.

With the upcoming release of Malaysia’s first anti-scam fim “OPPA”,  Office2u has not only showcased its innovation and leadership in the business realm but also set new standards in social responsibility. This initiative not only underscores Office2u’s firm commitment to maintaining cybersecurity and protecting consumer rights but also highlights the significant role of businesses in promoting corporate social responsibilities. By sponsoring such a socially meaningful film, Office2u has not only added substantial social value to its brand but also provided a model for other companies in practicing social responsibility. If you wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of Office2u’s innovative office furniture and the latest updates, please click here to visit the official Office2u website.

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(Office2u sponsors Malaysia’s first anti-scam film “OPPA”, with strong support from the police.)

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