New Enchanting Tale Unleashed: Michele L. Sayre’s “I Can Do Bad All by Myzelf (Happy Tails)”

New Enchanting Tale Unleashed: Michele L. Sayre's "I Can Do Bad All by Myzelf (Happy Tails)"
Michele L. Sayre releases her latest book, “I Can Do Bad All by Myzelf (Happy Tails),” a whimsical tale about Myz the elf who seeks revenge on Santa after being rejected from his workshop. The story explores themes of ambition, consequence, and the true spirit of Christmas through Myz’s journey.

Michele L. Sayre, an acclaimed author with a rich background in storytelling, is delighted to announce her latest children’s book, “I Can Do Bad All by Myzelf (Happy Tails).” This intriguing holiday tale takes readers on a whimsical journey through the aspirations and trials of Myz the elf, who, after facing rejection from Santa, decides to seek revenge in a most mischievous manner.

In “I Can Do Bad All by Myzelf (Happy Tails),” readers are introduced to the high stakes and competitive world of Santa’s workshop, where the desire to be one of the chosen few brings out unexpected sides in mythical beings. Myz, a determined and slighted elf, embarks on a vendetta against Santa, vowing to make him regret not hiring him. As Myz succeeds in his naughty endeavors, he encounters a side of Christmas that is far from joyful. Through his journey, Myz confronts the real meaning of Christmas and must decide whether his heart will change in time to rescue the holiday he loves.

Michele L. Sayre has garnered widespread acclaim in the literary world, evidenced by an impressive array of awards for her diverse works. Her compelling narratives have earned her multiple Literary Titan Book Awards, including Gold for “A Heart Full of Joy: Daily Perceptions on Life” and “The Not So Funny Bunny (Happy Tails),” and Silver for her intriguing “Darke Realms” series and “Guiding Spirits (Veritas).” Furthermore, her contributions have been recognized at the prestigious Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards 2023, where she received accolades across categories like Self-Help Non-Fiction, Fantasy/Other World, Best Ebook Trailer, and Children’s Picture Books. These awards not only highlight her versatility and skill as an author but also affirm her ability to captivate and engage readers across various genres.

“I Can Do Bad All by Myzelf (Happy Tails)” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. Join Myz on his heartfelt journey and discover the true spirit of Christmas through the eyes of an unlikely protagonist. Join in the celebration of Michele L. Sayre’s continued success and her enchanting addition to the world of children’s literature.

Watch the magic and mischief unfold in the exciting book trailer:

About the Book

Prepare for a Yuletide adventure like no other, where Myz, a spirited and mischievous elf, embarks on a frosty frolic of revenge against Santa Claus himself! After being turned away from the job of his dreams, Myz decides to sprinkle a bit of naughty into the North Pole’s usual nice. Through snowy escapades, heartfelt discoveries, and jingling mishaps, this charming tale unwraps the laughter, lessons, and love hidden beneath the ribbons of Christmas, proving that the true spirit of the holidays might just be a misadventure away. So, snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa and let Myz’s story fill your heart with the warmth and wonder of a Christmas where anything is possible, and every moment is a gift waiting to be unwrapped!

About the Author

Michele L. Sayre, a prolific author with an English Bachelor’s Degree and a Creative Writing minor, has been writing most of her life. Michele’s literary excellence has been recognized with numerous awards across her varied books. Her stories span various genres, including spiritual, paranormal, science fiction, action, and fantasy, always with a touch of romance. Sayre’s passion for storytelling and her ability to weave unusual tales make her books truly unforgettable.

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