Rental Watchdog: The Ultimate Shield Against Water Damage and Financial Losses

Welcome to Rental Watchdog, where we understand the importance of safeguarding your rental properties and your financial investments. Water damage can wreak havoc on rental homes, causing significant expenses and inconveniences. However, with the right precautions, you can prevent costly water-related incidents. We are here to provide you with extremely affordable and effective alarms that protect your properties, save thousands of dollars per unit in water damage, and give you peace of mind. Volume discounts, free samples for rental managers, and more info can be found at

The Cost of Water Damage

Water damage is a pervasive and costly issue for rental property owners. It can occur due to various reasons, such as leaky appliances, backed-up drains, damaged pipes, basement seepage, and more. The consequences of water damage go beyond the immediate repair costs; they include potential mold growth, property devaluation, and tenant displacement. In fact:

  • 1 in 60 homes experience a water damage claim every year.
  • The average cost of a water damage claim per home is $10,000.
  • Insurance companies deem water damage a “ratable” claim, meaning they will increase your rates—often by up to 10%. 
  • Water claims exceeding $1 million have seen a threefold increase since 2015, particularly as housing stock ages.

The Solution: Watchdog Water Alarms

At Rental Watchdog, we offer a simple yet powerful solution to help you avoid the financial and logistical headaches of water damage. Our water alarms are designed specifically for rental properties, providing comprehensive leak detection and prompt alerts to prevent costly incidents.

Key Features of Rental Watchdog Water Alarms

  • Affordable and Effective: Our low-cost alarms are a tiny investment to save thousands of dollars per unit in water damage.
  • 360-Degree Coverage: Our water alarms are ideal for rental properties, offering complete 360-degree coverage to detect water before it becomes a problem.
  • Loud 110 dB Alarm: With an alarm that reaches a staggering 110 decibels, immediate action is prompted with as little as 1/32″ of water. You won’t miss a thing.
  • Customizable: We understand that branding is essential for rental managers. That’s why our water alarms can be customized with your own logo and text, ensuring a professional and branded appearance.

Want to experience the product yourself? We often have specials for free samples for rental property managers.

Customer Reviews Speak Volumes

Don’t just take our word for it; hear what our satisfied customers have to say:

Perfect for Rentals: “2 for every rental home…Tenants love these and as an owner of rental properties I can sleep better knowing water damage from busted refrigerator / dishwasher hose or washing machine drum is kept to a minimum… Worth every penny.” – J. Hilty 

Preventing Mold and Rental Renovations: “Purchased these for my rental units. One in the water heater room and one in the 2nd floor bathroom behind the toilet. Saved a lot of moldy floors and ruined carpeting.” – Rebecka Lynn

Compact Size, High Sensitivity: “Compact size, very sensitive to leaks, loud alarm can’t be missed. I placed Watchdogs near the furnace, water heater, and toilet tanks.” – CyberBass

Peace of Mind: “I have three of these, they work as described, and I have two in my basement next to the water heater and furnace and one in the kitchen. You never know when a leak will happen, so these give me peace of mind.” – Valkyrie Rider

A Must-Have Product: “If you have running water in your house, this is a must-buy. It should be noted I haven’t had a leak yet, but I’ve tested it in the sink, and it works—the sound is loud and easy to hear from the basement.” – Daniel Walker

Saves Money, Time, and Anxiety: “These water alarms are invaluable. I bought some years back after the water line behind our fridge broke and destroyed 80 year old hardwoods. I bought a dozen of these alarms and placed one at every water source in the house — behind toilets, under sinks, behind the fridge and washer, etc… Today the alarm behind the fridge started going off. Pull the fridge out of its nook and wouldn’t you know it—the water alarm is sitting in a small puddle under the water line. This alarm can save you a lot of money, time, and anxiety down the road.” – Mandi

Loud and Effective: “I purchased this for use with a dehumidifier and condensation pump in my basement… The alarm is loud and noticeable even from my basement. I love the set-up and the added sense of security that this alarm provides.” – JATOAV8OR

Calculate Your Savings

Curious about how much you can save by using Rental Watchdog water alarms in your rental properties? We offer a custom calculation for your portfolio using our savings and return-on-investment (ROI) calculator. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for a free assessment and a personalized quote.

Stay Updated with Rental Watchdog

At Rental Watchdog, we are committed to providing you with valuable information about the rental industry and water damage prevention. Sign up for our offers and reports to stay informed about the latest developments in property protection.

Protect your properties and your bottom line with Rental Watchdog water alarms. Order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with proactive water damage prevention.


Investing in Rental Watchdog water alarms is not just a wise choice; it’s a crucial step towards safeguarding your rental properties and protecting your financial well-being. Water damage is a common and costly issue, but with our affordable and highly effective solution, you can detect and prevent water-related incidents before they become expensive problems.

Our water alarms, known for their reliability and customization options, have already earned the trust of numerous satisfied customers who value peace of mind. Don’t wait until water damage wreaks havoc on your rental properties and your bottom line. Take proactive measures today, and let Rental Watchdog be your trusted partner in property protection.

With our loud 110 dB alarms, 360-degree water detection, and affordability, you can confidently face the challenges of property management while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do Watchdog water alarms work?

Watchdog water alarms are equipped with a highly sensitive sensor that can detect water as shallow as 1/32″. When water is detected, the alarm emits a loud 110 dB sound, alerting you immediately to the presence of moisture.

2. Are Watchdog water alarms customizable?

Yes, they are! You can personalize our water alarms with your own logo and text, ensuring a professional and branded appearance that aligns with your rental management business.

3. Where should I place Rental Watchdog water alarms in my rental properties?

We recommend placing them in areas prone to water damage, such as basements and near water heaters, furnaces, sinks, dishwashers, sump pumps, and other appliances. By strategically positioning the alarms, you can maximize your property’s protection.

4. Can Rental Watchdog water alarms be powered by batteries?

Yes, our water alarms use a 9V battery, no wires required. 

5. How much will I save on water damage with Watchdog water alarms?

To estimate your potential savings and return on investment (ROI), please use our savings and ROI calculator on our website. It will provide you with a customized estimate based on your specific rental property portfolio.

6. What sets Watchdog apart from other water alarms on the market?

With over 30 years in the market, our water alarms have earned a reputation for exceptional value, affordability, and effectiveness. These are the alarms you see at big-box home stores. With their loud alarms, 360-degree coverage, and customization options, Rental Watchdog water alarms offer a comprehensive solution designed specifically for rental properties.

7. How can I stay updated on industry trends and reports related to rental properties and water damage prevention?

You can sign up for our newsletter to receive offers and reports on the rental industry and water damage prevention. We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments and best practices in property protection.

8. How do I place an order for Watchdog water alarms?

To place an order, simply click on the “Order Now” button in our article, and you will be directed to our ordering page. You can also contact us for a free assessment and personalized quote.

Don’t leave the protection of your rental properties to chance. Choose Rental Watchdog water alarms and experience the peace of mind that comes with proactive water damage prevention. Order now and join the many rental managers who have made the smart choice to protect their investments.

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