Sixunited Intelligent Unveils Disruptive Products at 2024 All-In-One Launch Event, Paving the Way for the Digital Office Era

On December 28 and 29 (Beijing time), Sixunited Intelligent, a trailblazer in global consumer electronics and smart Internet innovation, successfully held the 2024 All-In-One Launch Event in Shenzhen. It unveiled over 30 cutting-edge all-in-one solutions in the global market, from premium flagships to slim and minimalistic designs, as well as high-performance products, demonstrating its distinguished R&D, and continuous innovation spirit.

The event, held both online and offline, treated users around the world to a spectacular product extravaganza. The online event, featuring live streams encompassing ‘product explanation + model show + video display,’ vividly showcased the technological highlights of the products to users. The offline event, with an immersive product exhibition hall, offered visitors a sensational experience both visually and auditorily.

Accumulative and advanced technology propelling the industry into a new era of intelligence

With the progressive development of digitization and intelligent office solutions, the global PC market is embracing new opportunities for growth. All-In-One enable efficient productivity through their slim and minimalistic design, coupled with high integration capabilities. With a keen insight into market demands and a foresight for product R&D, Sixunited Intelligent has unveiled a series of All-In-One solutions, including A170, A3, A31, A10, A20, etc., during this event. Encompassing various application scenarios such as business, design, gaming, education, and entertainment, and certified with Intel Vpro, EPEAT, MTL-STD 810H, etc., these innovations from Sixunited Intelligent have not only propelled the industry into a new era of intelligence but have also ignited a new ‘efficiency revolution.

Since its establishment, Sixunited Intelligent has remained steadfast in its commitment to accumulating technological innovation, continuously empowering smart living. This year, Sixunited Intelligent has established its presence in Shanghai Songjiang Park, while also putting parks in Huainan and Xiaogan into operation. The company has implemented an integrated industrial ecosystem management model, encompassing R&D, sales, and service. The robust support from the supply chain enables rapid response and ensures stable delivery capabilities. It is learned that the production of Sixunited Intelligent All-In-One has reached 1 million in 2023, establishing itself as a forerunner in the industry.

Premium flagship All-In-One embracing the AI era

Amidst the ever-changing evolution of the all-in-one market, features like diverse I/O interfaces, minimalist slimness, and AI performance are steadily becoming the new mainstream. The high-end flagship series A3 and A31, unveiled at this event, offer screen sizes of 18.5 inches, 23.8 inches, and 27 inches, all elegantly designed in a full metal casing. Boasting a range of features, including a touchscreen panel, fingerprint unlocking, privacy webcam, Thunderbolt 4 interface, 3D surround sound, and compatibility with various stand bases, they also provide options for Glass Free 3D, large language model technology, and FHD/2K/4K/OLED high-definition screens. Equipped with powerful processors and ample memory capacity, these devices effortlessly handle complex multithreaded tasks, ushering in the AI era.

The incredibly slim All-In-One redefining business and office experience

To cater to the commercial and tender sectors, Sixunited Intelligent has introduced the A170, A10, A20, and other extremely slim series. These All-In-One have enhanced production efficiency, usability, functionality, and manageability, providing an excellent performance experience. The products feature a slim and minimalist design with a standalone body, matched with a high screen-to-body ratio and a stunning large screen, providing an immersive and sensational visual experience. With HDMI IN and various interface support, the products can meet the additional requirements of terminal devices. With dual slots for SSD solid-state drives and dual-channel DDR5 memory design, the products can fulfill the reading and writing speed, as well as storage needs of flagship users in fields such as office work, learning and design. In addition, the products can be instantly awakened through various methods such as keyboard input, fingerprint recognition, and touchscreen interaction, enabling you to get into work or study instantly.

Intelligent cloud All-In-One building a new era of digital office

Deeply integrating software, hardware, and cloud services, Sixunited Intelligent has innovatively launched the A10 Cloud All-in-One series, featuring intelligent collaboration capabilities. Enterprise and personal users can achieve cross-platform and cross-device connectivity anytime, anywhere through Cloud All-in-One. With extreme flexibility and high efficiency, it significantly reduces operational costs, ushering in a new era of digital office. Taking the A10 series as an example, the products cover sizes such as 21.5 inches, 23.8 inches, and 27 inches, featuring a new ARM architecture and RK3568 quad-core 64-bit A55 processor. They include side I/O ports and support -5° to 21° tilt adjustment and various stands. With powerful compatibility and expansibility, they can easily connect to various external devices, making them the all-round ‘assistant’ for mobile office professionals.

In addition to the All-In-One, during the event, Sixunited Intelligent also revealed plans to launch new product lines such as ‘Smart Home AIO’ and ‘Smart Meeting AIO’ in the future. With continuous breakthroughs across industry boundaries and an innovative leadership approach, it will undoubtedly stir the future industry chain.

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