Captivating Children’s Books Win BREW Children’s Book Excellence Awards

Adelaide – 29 December, 2023 – Two exceptional children’s books, “The Love Tank: A Book About Empathy, Kindness, and Self-Awareness for Children Ages 4-8” by Andrea Mendoza-Vasconez and “The Adventures of Angel: A Kitten’s Story” by Ross Alan Hahn, have both been awarded the BREW Children’s Book Excellence Award 2023 in the coveted categories of Book of the Year and Illustrated Book of the Year.

“The Love Tank” presents a unique approach to teaching children about the values of love, kindness, empathy, and compassion. The multi-award-winning story introduces the concept of a “love tank” inside children’s bodies, encouraging them to understand the importance of filling and sharing this metaphorical container. The book not only promotes self-awareness but also guides children in responding with kindness and compassion, making it a standout choice for the prestigious award.

“The Adventures of Angel: A Kitten’s Story” by Ross Alan Hahn is a heartwarming tale of a kitten’s journey from birth to adolescence. Set in the charming backdrop of a New England farm, Angel’s adventures teach valuable lessons about friendship, self-confidence, and bravery. The book captures the imagination of young readers, offering a delightful blend of storytelling and lessons about the world around them.

Both books showcase exemplary storytelling, engaging illustrations, and valuable life lessons for young readers. The BREW Children’s Book Excellence Award titles they have won are a testament to their impact on children’s literature, recognizing their ability to captivate young minds and inspire a love for reading.

The BREW Children’s Book Excellence Award celebrates outstanding contributions to children’s literature. This prestigious award honours exceptional storytelling and the profound impact these books have on shaping the imaginations of the next generation.

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