This Turns Anything Into A Speaker. The Portable Bluetooth Speaker That Uses Vibration To Make Sound

See why this gadget went viral on TikTok. It uses Bone Conduction Technology to make sound and it fits in your pocket. It’s the perfect gift for music and tech lovers.

There’s a new portable bluetooth speaker this holiday season, and it’s going viral on TikTok for its remarkable ability to turn just about anything into a speaker. Meet the Anything Speaker, a nifty little device no bigger than a golf ball, but with the power to amplify your music in ways you never imagined.

Founder, Jacob Feldman, a Berklee College of Music graduate is an expert audio engineer. Driven by a personal mission to reconnect his hearing-impaired grandparents with the world of sound, Feldman created this portable Bluetooth speaker that leverages vibration technology known as bone conduction to produce sound. “I wanted to create a device that lets the whole world feel the beat.”

Just place it on any surface – be it a window, a desk, or even a musical instrument – and watch as it transforms that surface into a speaker, radiating 360° omnidirectional sound. Put it on your shower door and it sounds like a concert. Put it on your guitar and it makes the perfect accompaniment. You can even wirelessly connect two at once for a 3D stereo sound experience.

For those eager to dive into this sonic adventure, the Anything Speaker is waiting to transform your everyday spaces into extraordinary soundscapes. For more details, visit the

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