Skinfly Entertainment Releases Award-Winning Documentary Series “A Prisoner’s Path” on Tubi, Redefining Prison Reform

Skinfly Entertainment Releases Award-Winning Documentary Series "A Prisoner's Path" on Tubi, Redefining Prison Reform
The new series “A Prisoner’s Path” showcases prison rehabilitation success stories.

Can prisoners truly change their lives for the better? A new series answers this question in a dramatic and surprising way. In exciting news, Skinfly Entertainment recently announced the launch of its breakthrough documentary series, “A Prisoner’s Path,” on Tubi. The series takes viewers on a hard-fought eye-opening journey as inmates face the struggle of getting their lives back on track and reentering society in a way they can be proud of. All while following the prisoner’s path.

Lyle Howry, a film producer and philanthropist with over thirty years in the entertainment industry, and Jason Rainwater, a renowned American screenwriter and director, spearhead the Skinfly Entertainment team. Both share a passion for prison reform, drawing from personal experiences that has been the foundation of their commitment to helping incarcerated individuals find their way out of prison and back to a positive life with their families and friends.

Reflecting on the unique documentary series, Howry expressed, “This is a passion project for us. I lived this life, coming from foster homes and the streets at an early age, and I completely relate to the incarcerated prisoners. Jason and I aim to help bring as much attention as possible to Nate Lanthrum of Light House Recovery and Sheriff Ron Hain as they train and educate as many incarcerated people as possible and work towards getting them back to a good life with their families and friends for a chance at life again.”

“A Prisoner’s Path” shatters misconceptions surrounding the prisoner experience, emphasizing correctional reform over dehumanization and punishment. The series collaborates with industry professionals and well-regarded institutions to provide non-violent offenders with the guidance and tools necessary to reset their lives in profound ways that last.

“A Prisoner’s Path” stars Alejandro Torres, Rick Swain, John Fowler, Sheriff Ron Hain, and Nate Lanthrum of Light House Recovery. The eight-episode first season is now available for free streaming on Tubi as well as on

Directed by Rainwater and Howry, “A Prisoner’s Path” is a testament to Skinfly Entertainment’s dedication to creating meaningful content that addresses societal issues.

Skinfly Entertainment is a full-service Los Angeles production company and a proud Producers Guild of America member. The release of “A Prisoner’s Path” marks another milestone in its mission to produce award-winning film and television content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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