Contributing Producer, Greg Castle, Launches Intriguing Documentary About Retirement

Contributing Producer, Greg Castle, Launches Intriguing Documentary About Retirement
Unveiling The Truth About How To Acheive A Successful And Happy Retirement in “The Retirement Deception”

In the thought-provoking documentary, “The Retirement Deception,” contributing producer Greg Castle brings to light the misconceptions propagated by Wall Street and financial pundits on how to build a secure retirement foundation.

Directed by renowned authors and filmmakers Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, the film embarks on a significant 18,000-mile quest to capture the real-life experiences of American retirees who have found both happiness and financial security in their retirement years.

Contradicting the conventional wisdom touted by Wall Street, “The Retirement Deception” explores the reality that a fulfilling retirement extends beyond complex financial models and predictions. The film seeks to answer a critical question: What are the essential elements that contribute to a genuinely happy and successful retirement? It examines whether it’s solely about building the largest nest egg, or impressive investment returns, to see if there are other crucial elements at play.

Throughout the film, Kitchen and Kap highlight stories from retirees who have defied Wall Street’s standard narrative of investing a majority of their wealth in the stock market, presenting a more layered and authentic perspective on achieving financial security and peace of mind in retirement.

“The Retirement Deception” sheds light on the possibility of an enriching retirement life, even without immense wealth. The film takes viewers into the lives of everyday Americans who have managed to accomplish retirement goals, effectively dealing with challenges such as inflation, market instability, taxes, and longevity.

This documentary is a must-see for those contemplating retirement. For a sneak peek, visit to watch the trailer.

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