Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Science Fiction book “THE SURFACING” by Terrance Coffey

Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Fiction - Science Fiction book "THE SURFACING" by Terrance Coffey

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Science Fiction book “THE SURFACING” by Terrance Coffey, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Manik Chaturmutha for Readers’ Favorite

The Surfacing by Terrance Coffey is a sci-fi fantasy set in the quiet town of Lynch, Kentucky. Strange events have been happening in the town. Mysterious voids appear in the air, people suddenly disappear, and an eerie force terrorizes the minds and lives of the people. In the center of it is a six-year-old named Kaden. Behind his seemingly everyday life, he is hiding a peculiar secret. Wise beyond his tender age and with a strange control over the people around him, Kaden seems to have a secret not of this world. Amidst such disappearances, a coal miner named Clay Krutcher unknowingly holds the key to finding a solution to the strange happenings. A devastating threat to humankind is in the making, and Clay is the only hope humankind has.

Crafted with masterful skill, the story takes readers on a thrilling journey of strange superpowers, an unwitting hero, and an unthinkable plot twist. The small-town narrative creates in the reader’s mind a sense of limited space and limited time, thus playing on the narrative of running against time. The plot unfolds swiftly, maintaining a stable pace throughout but picking up where it needs to maintain the thriller aspect of the novel. Kaden’s character shows details of his duality: the innocence and wonder of his age and the peculiarity of his intelligence. Clay Krutcher embodies the clueless hero character perfectly, showing the journey from being unaware of the responsibility he holds to accepting the duty he has been destined to perform. Thrilling, exciting, and brilliant, The Surfacing by Terrance Coffey is an excellent tale that will appeal to all readers. With its straightforward language, engaging narrative style, relatable characters, and brilliant plot, the book is a must-read. For lovers of sci-fi, thrillers, and action, this book is a perfect pick.”

You can learn more about Terrance Coffey and “THE SURFACING” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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