PawSwing Unveils Purrring: The Ultimate Automatic Cat De-Shedding Self-Grooming House

PawSwing, a tech startup, dedicated to innovative pet products, had announced the launch of their highly anticipated product, Purrring. Designed to revolutionize the grooming experience for cats, Purrring is an automatic cat de-shedding self-grooming house that will leave both feline friends and their owners purring with delight.

Purrring features a unique design that emulates a cat’s natural grooming process. Equipped with tongue-simulating combs, the self-grooming house glides through a cat’s fur while they freely enter and exit the box. As cats enjoy the comfort of the Purrring, the combs effortlessly collect shedding hair, conveniently stored in the integrated storage box. 

This innovative solution is a game-changer for cats who may resist traditional brushing, have sensitive skin, or experience excessive shedding. PawSwing understands the importance of cats’ well-being and has designed Purrring with their needs in mind. The built-in treat dispenser acts as a lure, enticing cats to enter the box regularly, while also serving as a gentle reminder that the box is not a litter tray.

Not only does Purrring promote cats’ overall well-being, but it also offers significant benefits to pet owners. By automating the de-shedding process, PawSwing saves owners valuable time and energy. The self-grooming house acts as an additional tool aside from traditional brushes and gloves for enhancing the grooming experience while effectively reducing shedding.

PawSwing invited multiple testers, and the feedback has been exhilarating. Many testers have expressed that they have finally discovered a grooming solution that benefits their senior cats. Additionally, some testers are relieved that they no longer have to groom their cats daily.

Purrring is now available for purchase at Indiegogo ( Shipping starts in March. 

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