Serious Nutrition Solutions Releases Lean Edge Nite Burn helps to curb nighttime cravings and burn fat, featuring NNB Nutrition’s MitoBurn® and CaloriBurn GP®, plus Zylaria™, KSM-66®, & More

Lean Edge Nite Burn is a revolutionary nighttime fat burner and sleep aid and is designed to help support relaxation, going to sleep and staying asleep, and to help burn fat while asleep and help control the appetite to keep from snacking during the night.

February 28, 2024 – Serious Nutrition Solutions, known as SNS, is known for providing top quality products at great prices and for going all out with their formulas and using a lot of clinically researched branded ingredients. SNS has an extensive lineup of great fat loss products including Lean Edge, MitoBurn XT, and Thermo Scorch which contains 1,000 mg. MitoBurn® and 150 mg. of CaloriBurn GP®.

Lean Edge Nite Burn is an exciting new product and a great option for people that want to maximize fat burning around the clock, for those that need help sleeping and want to burn fat, and especially those who have an issue with nighttime cravings and need help suppressing their appetite at night.

Lean Edge Nite Burn is so comprehensive, it’s like 2 products in 1 – a great product to help support relaxation and restful sleep, and to help fall asleep and stay asleep, combined with a powerful nighttime fat burning and appetite control support complex.

Lean Edge Nite Burn is powered by 500 mg. MitoBurn®, 100 mg. CaloriBurn GP®, 500 mg. Zylaria™, 300 mg. KSM-66®, and much more.

MitoBurn® and CaloriBurn®GP are flagship products of NNB Nutrition, renowned and highly acclaimed ingredients with a large base of loyal followers. The mechanisms of action for both MitoBurn® and CaloriBurn®GP involve converting the hard-to-metabolize white fat in the body into metabolizable brown fat. MitoBurn®, known as an “exercise mimetic,” also simulates bodily activity even during rest, facilitating fat expenditure. This innovative material from NNB boasts extensive clinical trials and patents, making it a uniquely valuable ingredient. On the other hand, CaloriBurn GP® is a natural Grains of Paradise seed extract, crafted through NNB’s patented technology to retain the maximum amount of fat-burning components found in paradise seeds, such as 6-paradol and 6-gingerol. These active ingredients are detectable, distinguishing CaloriBurn® GP from lower-end paradise seed products in the market, making it a truly effective fat-burner.

Lean Edge Nite Burn is a great option for people that are looking to burn fat, sleep better, and wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated. And even better, it’s available at a great price. People can get a full month supply of Lean Edge Nite Burn for just 49.99 direct from the SNS website, or from a variety of online retailers that carry SNS products.

About Serious Nutrition Solutions

SNS offers a wide variety of products including commodity items, very well formulated high-end sports nutrition items, premium health formulations, and a lot of very unique products and ingredients that consumers cannot easily find from other companies or that SNS generally offers for a significantly lower price than other companies.

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NNB is the leading ingredient-driven biotech company employing over 100 research scientists from more than 10 countries who study, design, and deliver unique ingredients to the industry to maximize health, augment performance, expand longevity and enhance appearance. NNB fosters partnerships with companies in the fields of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical research.

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