Rhinoplasty in an Era of Customization: Both Function and Design Must Be Taken into Consideration

Nowadays, interest in plastic surgery is increasing as taking care of one’s appearance is recognized as a form of self-care. In particular, Korea’s plastic surgery technology is famous all over the world, and technological advancements have continued as many people undergo plastic surgery.

Therefore, the number of foreign tourists visiting for the purpose of plastic surgery is steadily increasing, and the most common surgery performed by them is rhinoplasty. The nose is located in the center of the face and is an important part that determines the impression. It is often visited by those who expect to change their image through plastic surgery.

There are various types of rhinoplasty, such as low rhinoplasty, curved rhinoplasty, and hooked rhinoplasty. While Koreans mainly pursue rhinoplasty to raise the bridge of the nose and sharpen the nose line, overseas patients seek to balance a large nose or create a hooked nose. It is known that trimming rhinoplasty is mainly performed.

In the past, people preferred ‘mimetic plastic surgery’ that mimics the appearance of certain celebrities, but recently, customized surgery that takes into account the facial features and harmony is mainly performed. This is a method of reducing side effects as well as naturalness and satisfaction after surgery.

However, there is another important thing that should not be overlooked in rhinoplasty. Since the nose is a part that plays an important role in several organs other than breathing and smell, it is very important to restore function beyond just cosmetic aspects.

In addition, even small changes to the nose can have a significant impact on the overall impression, so you must be more careful when choosing it.

Regarding this, Director Kim Hyeong-jun of Nana Plastic Surgery explained, “Rhinoplasty is not just a surgery to make the external appearance of the nose beautiful, but the surgery must be performed by taking into consideration various functional aspects of the nose, such as breathing difficulties and deviated septum.”

He continued, “Currently, the level of domestic plastic surgery medical care and cutting-edge equipment, including rhinoplasty, has already been recognized overseas, and the number of foreign patients visiting Korean hospitals from around the world is increasing.” He continued, “However, quite a few foreign patients have unreasonable medical conditions that do not match their face.” “There are many cases where a repeat surgery is required after surgery, so it is important to reduce your greed and follow the doctor’s advice to choose the surgery that suits your face,” he advised. 

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