Embark on Cinematic Journey: Clarity in the Pen Conference Unveils Exclusive Focus on Turning Books into Movies


Royal Clarity View proudly announces the Clarity in the Pen Conference, an immersive virtual event dedicated to empowering aspiring and established authors who aspire to see their books on the big screen. Scheduled for July 12 & July 13, this unique conference is set to provide participants with indispensable tips and strategies to not only enhance their book writing, marketing, and publishing skills but also delve into the world of movie script writing, production, and securing funding for feature films.

About the Event:

The Clarity in the Pen Conference stands out as a groundbreaking virtual gathering explicitly tailored for authors eager to witness their literary creations come to life on the silver screen. Offering a transformative blend of book writing, marketing, and publishing insights alongside specialized sessions on movie script writing, production techniques, and fundraising strategies, this conference is a must-attend for those who dream of turning their stories into cinematic masterpieces.

Event Highlights:

  • Uncover the secrets of successful storytelling from seasoned industry experts.

  • Receive valuable tips on overcoming obstacles and unlocking your creative potential.

  • Navigate the process of transforming your written narrative into a compelling movie script.

  • Acquire insider strategies for producing and bringing your feature film to the big screen.

  • Gain insights into securing funders for your cinematic endeavors.

About Royal Clarity View:

Royal Clarity View, a distinguished mindset coaching and clinical counseling agency, is dedicated to helping individuals not only discover their identity but also providing the necessary tools for personal and professional growth. Founded by the visionary  Latresa Rice , an acclaimed author and expert in mindset coaching, Royal Clarity View offers transformative services to guide individuals on their journey towards living their best lives.

Founder’s Vision:

At Royal Clarity View, we are committed to reshaping perspectives and empowering individuals to script a brighter future.  Latresa Rice , armed with a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and a Master of Science Administration degree from Central Michigan University, brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to her work. Join us at the Clarity in the Pen Conference and unlock the cinematic potential of your story.

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