Global kitchen appliance leader ROBAM debuts new ultra-slim powerful range hood at KBIS 2024

On February 27th(EST), the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) kicked off with great fanfare in Las Vegas. As the world’s largest professional kitchen and bathroom industry exhibition, KBIS has a history of sixty years and attracts global attention each year. It serves not only as a platform for the launch of new products in the kitchen and bathroom industry but also as a leader in trends and innovation.

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At this year’s show, hundreds of companies gathered to present their latest products and innovative technologies in their respective fields. Among them, ROBAM, a world-class leader of premium kitchen appliances, made a spectacular appearance and launched the highly anticipated new range hood model — the ultra-slim range hood U1M, during the event. This new product, with its superior performance and ultra-thin innovative design, successfully captured the attention of many attendees.

The ROBAM showroom at KBIS

The ROBAM powerful range hood is more suitable for Chinese kitchens

Influenced by differing values and cultural differences, some American or Western families may pay less attention to product design. Coupled with different dietary habits, the issue of cooking fumes has not received adequate attention. However, as Eastern and Western cultures continue to blend, range hoods with high aesthetic appeal and performance are becoming increasingly popular, especially among Chinese American families. These products not only provide visual pleasure but also fully meet functional needs, offering a better user experience. Clearly, the newly launched ROBAM ultra-slim range hood U1M is a culinary tool designed for Chinese kitchens.

In terms of design, the U1M has a body thickness of only 18cm, achieving a truly ultra-slim design. From the body to the fan, whether it’s the interior or exterior, top or bottom, its ultra-slim characteristic is showcased. This unique design saves 73% of storage space for the cabinets above, allowing for more efficient use of kitchen space. Regarding color, it adopts a dynamic and fashionable appearance, inspired by the extensive use of black glass, giving the range hood a sophisticated look that can easily blend into various home decor settings, highlighting the kitchen’s high-end taste.

Visitors experience the ROBAM ultra-slim range hood

In the kitchen appliance industry, for a long time, it was challenging to perfectly balance high performance, aesthetic appeal, and compact size in range hoods, but the U1M is an exception. In terms of performance, the power source is lowered by 38cm, reducing the distance between the range hood and the smoke source by 43%, effectively preventing the escape of cooking fumes from the source. Coupled with ROBAM’s Turbo high-suction power, it effortlessly delivers a large airflow; the 32cm large diameter turbine, which is 40% larger compared to traditional impellers, increases the negative pressure area simultaneously. The patented streamlined volute and 13° angled impeller design effectively reduce airflow separation, enhancing smoke exhaust efficiency. In terms of user experience, equipped with the Lingxi intelligent smoke control system, it can adjust the suction power in real time according to changes in duct wind resistance, ensuring effective smoke extraction while also providing a better low-noise experience. For control, with AI gesture recognition, different gestures can easily adjust the range hood’s power and switch wind volume levels, keeping the range hood free from fingerprints and grease stains.

Tong Jingjing, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of ROBAM, was interviewed by the media

“ROBAM has conducted nearly 10 years of in-depth research on the North American market, innovating in product design and marketing strategies to meet local consumer demands, developing high-performance products suitable for North American kitchens,” said Tong Jingjing , ROBAM Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. “For example, ROBAM’s range hoods inherit the powerful suction characteristic of their domestic counterparts; ROBAM’s stoves with high firepower are more suited for stir-frying, etc. In summary, ROBAM kitchen appliances are more suitable for Chinese kitchens.”

ROBAM’s range hoods have been No.1 in global sales for 9 consecutive years

As a leading company in the kitchen appliance industry, ROBAM has always been rooted in Chinese cooking and leads the global market in the range hood sector. According to a report by the world-renowned research organization Euromonitor International, ROBAM’s range hoods have been No.1 in global sales for 9 consecutive years, with their large cooking appliances leading global sales for 3 consecutive years.

In the range hood sector, ROBAM has established itself as an industry benchmark, winning widespread acclaim from users around the globe. This achievement is rooted in ROBAM’s commitment of over forty years to always prioritize user needs and center development around technological innovation. It is this philosophy that drives ROBAM towards higher-end, intelligent, and globalized product and service offerings. At the KBIS 2024 show, ROBAM once again made a dazzling appearance, competing on the same stage with the world’s leading technologies and brands, showcasing the strength of the Chinese brand.

Visitors experience the ROBAM powerful range hood

Currently, ROBAM has entered more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, with over ten thousand stores, and its presence can be seen in the Americas, Australia, and Southeast Asia. In this new era, ROBAM has introduced a new corporate positioning as a “comprehensive cooking chain solution provider.” Targeting the overseas market, ROBAM will leverage its full-chain advantages to offer global users a cooking solution that covers “before cooking, during cooking, and after cooking.” Looking ahead, ROBAM will continue to innovate and introduce new ideas to bring a better kitchen living experience to users worldwide.

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